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by Dave Curtis on 10/26/2018


Tens of thousands of hours building sites, from HTML to WordPress Database driven, interactive, responsive, rich media fully mobile fully SEO’d content delivery websites. From simple, no frill contracts to 50 page plus detailed, strategic planning, multi-part project, team proposals covering change orders and scope options.

The websites themselves are designed specifically with ease of navigation, requiring the least number of clicks to get from point A to point B. Subpages with similar or supporting information are cross-linked to one another within the site to “silo” the information logically, making the grouped data stand out strongly on its own in each category to provide your site’s visitors and the search engines with clear indications of what each section of your site is about. Dozens or even hundreds of in-category cross linked pages of varying content allow searchers from any area to find your site, visit, call, purchase, and get you started making sales.

But that’s not all. The menus are as well designed and thought out, requiring almost as much work to build as the websites themselves. Here’s an example of what’s meant by that. ESP Botanicals, one of the sites above in the portfolio, had a menu as follows (I say “had a menu” because the business built up and was sold). Here’s the menu:

The first section drops down to reveal groups of similar products within each product line. Six product lines in all each product group with anywhere from four to seven different products available.



Next, is “ESP’s Story” – the Patent information, Press Releases and News Stories and Videos, What got the business started, and the Mission Statement. All trust building factors.

ESP's Story

ESP’s Story

Next is “What’s New” – aka the blog – this is where industry news and events are written about and covered in article format by those in the company who know what they’re doing. They further build trust and point to the writers as authorities on the subjects being written about and explained. Content needn’t be difficult to write. Even simple documentation of steps is content.

After that is the Newsletter Subscription Link we called “About You” – this is where the customers own testimonials were in their own words, and where they signed up for the monthly newsletter, answering questions they wanted answered on the skin care issues that mattered to them most.

Newsletter Sign-up: About You!

Newsletter Sign-up: About You!

Next is the FAQ – Frequently asked questions with videos about how to apply and use the products, how much to use, what quality of ingredients are used and where are they from? What kinds of skin care products are most useful depending upon the condition, health, and age of the skin being treated. The technical details section delves even more deeply into these areas, and finally “Miron Glass” – What is Miron Glass, what benefits does it have, and the story of Miron.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from the menu itself and the website for information and instruction, video series are also available for any site owner who wants to include them in their deal.

Sometimes a business just wants to feature some entertainment in their videos…

Either way, any way you like it, that’s the way we build it – sites, menus, videos, photography, written marketing copy content, and digital leads generation supported by rock solid search engine optimization insures that your new site, or the changes to your old site (if it can be properly reworked) will make a huge positive difference to your business.

Contact me, David Curtis, at 813-650-1035 for a consultation. My client list is small, your site is my number one priority and receives a majority of my time. My only condition for accepting you as a client is that you are serious about improving your business’ revenue through the web, and that you are prepared to have to expand your business once the orders start to grow.

Too many times I’ve built up a business to the point where sales out-pace the business’ ability to keep up with the increases in service calls and manufacturing. You cannot call me and ask me to slow down the calls and orders. It doesn’t work that way. Call me if you’re serious and ready to grow.

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