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by Dave Curtis on 10/12/2010

SEO Web Design Costs and Benefits: Laying It On The Line

What SEO can mean for your site.

What SEO means. More Traffic, improved results!

Web design alone without properly budgeting for SEO won’t bring you a lot of business. After the solid on-page and in-site SEO work back links from other web sites pointing to your web site are what will bring you ranking and traffic. Those links come in a large variety of colors and flavors and are of varying quality.

The above graph shows a site I built in 2010 with close to 3,000 back links which were built up over some months. The content on the site is highly informative and very specialized. Back links properly placed dramatically increase website traffic through referrals coming from other heavily trafficked sites and are crucial to increasing sales on a more or less permanent basis – even without page one rankings in Google or PayPerClick advertising.

Whatever kind of online business you run, if you are selling and shipping to clients nationally, it is to your advantage to continue working on building backlinks to your site without pause until you reach approximately 5,000.

Do not rest at 5,000 backlinks. Continue. But be aware that your initial aim should be about 5,000 backlinks. There are many back office SEOs who do nothing but build back links (of various quantity and quality). These SEOs do run out of places they can influence links pointing back to your web site. Therefore you’ll need to hire several of them over time, perhaps dozens – over time – to gain enough back links to give you the massive numbers of hits and heightened ranking your business needs to explode into a high sales producing web site.

Many businesses delegate the link building to their primary web site SEO who then contacts other SEOs he or she knows and trusts to farm out additional link work. From there the process can continue expanding as each subsequent SEO in the chain fans out via contacts to get you even more backlinks to your site.

IF your budget is tight then you can have your SEO set up a Pay Per Click campaign to get more hits aimed directly to your sales pages. These campaigns work on a daily / monthly budget which which will be charged to your account with the search engine company.

A $20 per day budget would cost you $600 per month – but tracking increased sales using a spread sheet to determine your actual ROI needs to be set up to discover how much money you’re making or losing. The PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign(s) must be monitored closely, particularly in the beginning because even though you set your campaign to shut down when your budget limit has been reached it is not unheard of for clicks to come in so fast and furious that before the search engines can shut you down your budget has been overshot by hundreds or in some cases even thousands of dollars in a single day.

Therefore it is best to have an SEO handle your PPC campaign(s). Someone who is sitting there watching and ready to manually turn off any PPC campaign that quickly overshoots the budget without any sales before it becomes a serious problem.

All of this may seem like I’m trying to frighten you away from going ahead with SEO in either form (organic or paid search). I am not. I’m teaching you what to expect and what kind of a budget you should have in mind if you’re serious about using the web to generate more money for your business than your brick and mortar store can generate by going nationwide and selling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

How MUCH??? All I want to know is HOW MUCH WILL SEO COST ME???