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by Dave Curtis on 11/29/2010

Working SEO Privacy Policy

Almost every web site, WorkingSEO included, gathers information on its visitors. Most of this information is gathered by the server logs themselves and, although accessible through the control panel (how many visitors etc) are part of the normal functioning of all web servers – it’s just how they work. This page is intended to help explain what’s recorded when you’re here.

Your Name

If you comment using your real name then anyone who reads your comment will know your name.

Your Email Address

When you comment if you type in your real email address, then that will be viewable by me. I do not share your email address with anyone and 99.999% of the time I do not try to contact anyone who leaves a comment unless they request that I email them.

Your IP Address

Virtually all web sites record the IP address of people who visit as part of the server logs. While it is possible to track the general location of the IP address (withing a few hundred miles), only the ISP knows the exact location and this information can only be retrieved by a court order – so IP tracking isn’t an issue (unless you’re saying you’re from Hawaii and your IP traces to North Korea) unless you’re trying to hide and doing something illegal.

Other Personally Identifiable Information

Personal identifiable information is information that allows you to be identified as a particular person, such as your name, your address or phone number. So if you’re filling out a contact form and voluntarily sending me basic information or commenting (as explained above) to a blog post then I have no personally identifying information.

Cookies & Tracking Codes

Visits to WorkingSEO will cause a variety of cookies to be placed on your browser, including Google cookies (since this site uses Google Analytics for SEO reasons). This tells Google if you’re a new or returning visitor. Advertisers with banners from other sites placed on my site might also have their own cookies. Cookies are tiny text files. They aren’t malware or spyware that can identify your computer. You can disable cookies on WorkingSEO and the site should work just fine.

WorkingSEO uses Google Analytics (and possibly Sitemeter or Woopra, but not at present) which allows me to know what pages were viewed and how many people found my site through the search engines etc. Again, your computer isn’t identified and neither are you. Google Analytics is installed on about 90% of all websites.

Advertising & Behavioral Targeting

WorkingSEO doeshave affiliate links explained on my my disclosures & disclaimers page. WorkingSEO doesn’t perform behavioral targeting based on other sites you’ve visited and I don’t try to track you across the web the way many big banner ad companies do. I don’t participate in any such banner advertising sharing and I strongly recommend that you opt out of this kind of tracking by clicking on this form.

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