Mobile and Desktop SEO Strategy

by Dave Curtis on 04/29/2015

My Search Engine Optimization Strategy Follows Google’s Latest Recommendations, Guidelines, Best Practices And Follows Strategies Required As Google’s Algorithm Changes.

As of 2015 websites that are responsive (resize nicely on cell phones, tablets, on computer screens) will rank above sites which aren’t responsively designed. This goes hand in hand with sites which are mobile friendly. Sites which have SSL Certificates (https) will now outrank sites that don’t have secure site certificates.

Thus the first part of strategy is to design these elements into the site from the ground up. Next is content. Content is king. What is content? Content is what’s of value to customers coming to the site to provide the information they’re looking for when they’re looking for it. Sites that have better quality content will outrank those that don’t. Google has gotten away from keywords and key phrases and is moving gradually away from back links from other websites and is moving towards how much satisfaction is gotten by site visitors based upon factors such as bounce rates and time on site. More pages viewed, more time on site, means better user experience. Repeat visits, filling out conversion forms, making purchases (aka transactions if there are any sales from the website)- all equal an indication to Google that the site is satisfactory to visitors.

The strategy is thus simple: Unique site content of exceptional value to out-value the competitions’ websites. If they have 1,000 pages each then the goal is to lead up to that number over time, gradually, with truly valuable content. Not every page has to sell something, but every page has to remain tightly focused on the business’ main area. If it’s an AC site then Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning. If it’s a Renovations and Remodeling site, then renovation techniques and remodeling information. As time goes by the site will move to page one in more and more areas as the site fills up with more and more content to answer more and more questions people pose to Google requiring answers.

This may not sound pretty or easy, but it’s the truth and no amount of wasting money on quick promises cheap will ever solve the problem.

Google’s Pigeon (local search) update will show a lot of local directory listings – so the second part of the strategy is to get listed in those. Then there’s the social media aspect of SEO. Not just Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, but other areas of “local” social media including going out to events, getting good PR by taking part in the community events, throwing a fundraiser to provide relief to some good cause you / your business officially supports – and generating good will and a buzz which goes beyond the event and gets shares in electronic social media. YouTube. Shoot videos. Provide a description in those – all of this is what I, as a working SEO am willing to do, or help do, when it comes to local businesses looking for local sales within the several surrounding counties.

Nation Wide Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Demographics plays a key role here. Which cities and states are the key players in purchasing your products and services at the highest rates at the highest price? The old adage in marketing is to spend 90% of your effort with the 10% that bring you 90% of your sales, and 10% of your effort with the 90% that bring in just 10% of your sales. Here pages are optimized to be found in those major 90% sales possibility areas to bring in the largest returns. If Google Ads are taken out, focus on one or two at a time to see which areas out perform the others and stick with those while tweaking ads, page titles, and offers/benefits (in general) to find which of each of those work best as standalones, and then as a killer combination that makes the most sales, brings in the most calls, or gets the most signups for consultations.

Businesses desiring to remain in business only do so by applying sound long term business strategy. Businesses on the web need to do the same.

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