How Long Does SEO Take to Start Working and When Does Social Media Come Into Play?

by Dave Curtis on 08/01/2016

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This video answers the questions you have about modern Search Engine Optimization.

The old “stuff a lot of keywords in the header” days are long dead, never to return. Today’s SEO is based on content, and specifically “Marketing Content” also called “MARCO”. After the sight audit, work on the long tail key phrase strategy, technical server and on page / on site changes and site makeover (for already established sites), and link profile problem correction, the focus shifts toward content creation and more content creation.

Sometimes by the end of month two, but more probably somewhere within month three measurable increases to the number of meaningfully targeted visitors to the site, conversions, and transactions should begin kicking in. Without SEO and the proper use of long tail key phrases there may have been more visitors to the site, but they resulted in a high bounce rate because the site’s content wasn’t what they were looking for to answer their questions.

By month five someone needs to be manning the social media accounts, mostly Twitter and Facebook, to engage the people who like and follow, and to answer any questions specific to the company. Content creation continues. When site visits begin to rise significantly enough to be able to achieve a decent sample rate in Google Analytics it’s time to move along and add Conversion Optimization to Content Creation, and optimize those pages which the company would like to see converting at a higher rate.

Both content creation and conversion optimization are then the ongoing tasks of the SEO to continue further increasing company conversion and transaction gains.

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