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by Dave Curtis on 09/09/2015

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template-monsterMost clients immediately ask for a price for a site without supplying details of what kind of a site they’re looking for, size, shopping cart details (if any), and without my performing any professional competitive analysis site audits. Most also ask for examples of sites that I’ve already developed. While they’re asking me questions like this, I’m looking for a budget from them.

What’s your budget?

My goal isn’t to soak that budget dry but to understand how far they can go based on the number of hours I’ll have to dedicate to their job taking into account my expenses during the time I’m working. Too many clients refuse to have competitive site audits performed and also won’t allocate as little as a dozen to as much as few hundred dollars towards installing a professional theme. Yet a pro theme is the front door to your business on the web. In some cases its not only the first impression visitors to your business will get, but the only impression if your business will only be dealt with by them online.

Why Pay For a Professional Theme?

Complex site development requires the use of expensive programming. Pre-programmed professionally developed themes are the way to keep that cost within a reasonable, affordable range. In spite of what many would like to believe all Information Technology (IT), Management Information Systems (MIS) professionals are not equally skilled in all areas. You wouldn’t go to a general practitioner to perform a hip replacement, a heart transplant, or brain surgery any more than you would go to a brain surgeon to replace your hip.

Optimizing and working with professional themes is different

They install differently, they’re pre-populated with pages full of “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit” on every page, in every section, and as part of all descriptions. Hundreds of areas must be quickly reworked and modified, often overnight, in order to get the site back to where it was before the theme change. Included instructions must be read and followed regarding precisely how to install each theme, because any mistakes made during the modification and updating procedure that aren’t properly addressed will require re-installation of the theme, and that will wipe out all changes, including all of the text changes made.

On a brand new site there’s less of a rush.

So, if you want a beautiful professional and uniquely programmed site that will rank well, there’s nothing like the combination of an SEO technical site audit (of the competition and your own site if you already have one) and a Professional Theme to move your business to the top in the rankings. Take a look at the themes below for multiple industries and see if there’s anything you like. Beautiful stock images are included with each theme, and each theme is licensed. (If you’re not seeing anything below make sure you enable Javascript on this page to allow to work.)

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