SEO for Firefox and Getting two Firefox Versions to Run Simultaneously

by Dave Curtis on 10/18/2014

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As an SEO I have Firefox set up with a lot of plugins for the work I do. These plugins are useful when I’m doing my work, but they do slow down my browser considerably so I also installed a lightweight, relatively plugin free version of Firefox Portable.

This is great if all I want to do is work on one version of Firefox or the other, but I tend to work on multiple projects with varying needs – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so forth at the same time.

The problem is that two versions of Firefox.exe can’t run simultaneously out of the box because an error message pops up that another version of Firefox is already running.

SEO Firefox Version:




Stripped Firefox Version:




That said I also run Chrome.exe, but Chrome doesn’t offer the same flexible robustness I require and get in Firefox.

So how to run both Firefox versions at once is the answer and the way to do that is this: Right click on the icon for the portable (non SEO or SEO version, however you have it set up) and go to “Properties” and in the first string add this switch  /-no-remote at the end so it looks something like this:

C:\TECH\CleanFirefox\FirefoxPortable.exe /-no-remote

Then you can run the non SEO plugins version to run light-weight and still have your heavyweight SEO plugins version running at the same time.

Another problem with Chrome is that it runs dozens of instances at once, seriously slowing down the CPU which has to process each thread separately. Firefox doesn’t do that.



And this is just with a freshly started Chrome. Over the period of an hour or so Chrome’s threads build up to 40 or 50 instances.

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