How Interactive Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing for Events is Different From Traditional Marketing

by Dave Curtis on 10/13/2013

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Times Square and Midtown Manhattan - SEO IN NYCInteractive (aka web 2.0) Social media marketing for event marketing is different from traditional marketing in a few ways, the first being that it is immediate – you’re reaching your prospective clients and followers in the moment because many of them are online on Facebook and on Twitter.

Even direct marketing to those who invite telemarketing isn’t the same kind of marketing because Social Media Marketing deals with people who are already there on the computer reading their stream of social interaction. They aren’t being pulled away from something else.

Rule #1 in Social Media Marketing:  Ads Are Annoying

Rule #2  “SHOW ME”:  In Social Media Marketing, “Jump on the Bandwagon” is Good

Rule #3 Generating a Buzz for your topic, and doing Branding at the same time are definitely Good

If you have ever actually bothered to study advertising then you’ll already know that there are three basic types of appeals:

  1. Keep up with the Jones’
  2. Fear tactics
  3. Jump on the bandwagon

Basically, keep up with the Jones’ is an appeal to the ego: Your neighbors are all driving Cadillacs. You need to drive a Cadillac or better or you’re not worthy somehow. Your wife needs a Gucci pocketbook because all of your neighbor’s wives carry them, and if yours doesn’t, they’ll know you don’t have an income equal to theirs.

In one way that’s almost like the fear tactic (which comes next), because someone may be afraid that socio-economically they don’t fit in – so they have to buy Gucci and drive a Caddy or they’re going to be ostracized.

So on to the pure fear tactic.

If you don’t brush your teeth with Brand X your teeth will rot out of your head and the tooth decay germs will enter your bloodstream and give you a heart attack (they will, you know – just ask Dr. Ram Setlur). 🙂

And FINALLY – finally – you *have* to Jump on the Bandwagon – I mean come on! Everyone Else is doing it! They’re all at the Chinsegut Hill Celebration and it’s happening and it’s fun and it’s “with it” and it’s now! As in not now, but RIGHT NOW – and you better be there or you’re yesterday’s news and you should join the party right this instant!

…And THERE IT IS – Jump On The Bandwagon Right This Instant has never been truly possible with live events until now. Not now, but Right Now!

My next article will describe how to capitalize on Social Media “Right Now” Branding, Buzz, and Live Event Marketing.

Part 2 – Branding, Buzz, and Live Event Marketing

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