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Domain Rise

Domain Rise

I recently purchased a domain back from a client group that didn’t let me apply search enginge optimization the way I know how to do it after they ruined it and went out of business. RIP. After over a year getting one visit to the site a month I did this (a lot of prep work went into this of course). …and I don’t have to tell anyone how happy I am knowing NOBODY is going to stomp on THIS sand castle!

It’s not even 7am on Sunday and look at those numbers soar! Yee haa! Folks, SEO (search engine optimization) has rules. It’s not magic. Force your SEO to disregard and break those rules at your own peril!

Search engine optimization is about establishing expertise, about relevance, timeliness and most importantly – responding to your client needs! If you can’t respond to the clients desires, wants and needs then you’re going to have a problem no matter what your business is.

On this site I’m using Google Alerts to and analytics to establish what’s being looked for and also what they want. This means that I have to write about what they’re looking for but also see what brought them to the site in the first place (say they visited for a search phrase the site is currently on page 3 or 4 for) …and then beef up the site with information about that particular topic. It requires time and work. Only relevant quality work will bring you results… and page views are one indicator that will help you know whether that work is paying off.*

* Page views alone aren’t the is all and end all. At first page views and higher hits may be higher (depending upon the type of site it is), but these numbers will be purposely pared down to “funnel” prospects to the right page (the purchase or sign up page) – get them in and get them there, rather than have them click around all day getting lost and eventually leave. So analytics also helps there as well. Targeted traffic via responsive page topic building (relevant, bookmarkable, shareable, valuable timely content), then pare off what isn’t working (fewer hits and page views, but more conversions and transactions = more $$ and sign ups but because this is what Google sees as “quality”, higher ranking too!).

1 Jane May 5, 2013 at 12:12 pm

so what do you think you did that made the most difference?

2 Dave Curtis May 5, 2013 at 12:24 pm

That’s like asking what part of the trip to the top of the Himalayas is most important. Answer: the gloves. …no, wait… the ear muffs… no, wait, the map… It’s an integrated whole, Jane, and it also depends upon the type of site it is. Some require gaining trust – if sales are offered, for instance, is your phone number there? Is a physical address or PO box (at the very least!) on your site? Do you have a return policy? Trust factors enter into gaining new business, quality and reliable, consistently quick delivery add reassurance. There are a lot of factors – stacks of books worth and hundreds of thousands of web pages studied over the years to glean those kernels of what’s needed. I no longer attempt to go into the details with clients. They either listen to me or they don’t. Hire an expert in any field and you’ve hired that person for their expert knowledge in that particular field you’ve hired him or her for. Then let that person do the job – and interfere at your own peril. Whether it be a racing car or a sand castle – inexperienced non expert hands on making the decisions is going to result in the same thing in each case.

3 Dave Curtis May 5, 2013 at 12:24 pm

…also, if you’re doing a “hobby site” where you don’t have to rely upon it for all of your income you can bend and even break rules and still make money. But if you’re site is there strictly for business to support you and any employees, pay all the bills – you *must* adhere strictly to every single rule there is. This is competition in the real world.

4 Sheri May 5, 2013 at 12:42 pm

Tell em David!!

5 Dave Curtis May 5, 2013 at 12:43 pm

Thanks Sheri. They may not like it, but I have to tell them first, because when they crash it and burn it, telling them later doesn’t help – and they can’t say I didn’t warn them and then try to blame me later. It’s *My Way or Off The Superhighway!*

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