How to Sell Too Technical to Non Technical Minded People

by Dave Curtis on 10/19/2011

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The Incredible Line of Bullshit

Chemists sell chemistry books to other chemists but never (or rarely) to non chemists because they’re simply too hard to understand AND they’re impossible to use (you NEED a chemist!)
Here’s a video to prove what I’m saying – even the author says you have to practically be a chemist to understand how to use his books:

That said, the vast majority of SEOs aren’t writing real SEO “chemistry” sites but are writing “The Incredible Line of Bullshit” sites with charts, graphs, anecdotes, with sign up forms and all the rest (I do it myself sometimes). There’s another group that “kinda-sorta” writes SEO chemistry sites, but they’re targeting other wannabe SEOs who are dying to learn (either because they are deluded into thinking they can become fabulously wealthy without actually having to do a lot of work if they get a job as an SEO [they can’t, it is a lot of work – AND you actually have to be good at it*], or they really desperately want to become good SEOs and are willing to pay to learn).

What I’m saying is that the meat and potatoes aren’t the glitz and glitter dress-up but the technical specifications and precise details that ARE the chemistry that makes it all work and that is often proprietary and guarded – combined with whatever skill, talent, and hard work and endless hours and headaches to make a site not excellent, but totally fucking awesome.

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