Bing Sucks, Yahoo Sucks, Google Sucks

by Dave Curtis on 05/14/2011 · 3 comments

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Too many times I read that Google sucks by the top SEOs in America. Too many times I read that Google is getting too big and forceful and demanding and sneaky on the one hand, but that they have so many features on the other hand. Then I read about how SEO is always only talking Google because Yahoo and Bing have such a small market share that they have to follow suit.

OK – fine – so today I got an email from a good friend and long time client telling me about a Yahoo service she really likes that a local business woman is using to promote her business.

What’s that service? FREE NEWSLETTERS! Turns out that the company that’s sending it to her was using some Mac software that’s now outdated and no longer in business and their email list was too big and couldn’t be upgraded so they switched over to Yahoo Lists and in step 3 configured it as a Newsletter.

Yahoo. Who knew?

…so down at the bottom “who can post messages to your group” is Only group owner (Newsletter).

Ok – so some of the SEO snobs will say this isn’t “professional” enough – no we’re not selling our products or services – we’re selling “professional” as if people cared WHO sold them their candy bar when they want a candy bar right now!

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Bing? Yahoo? Google? I’ll take a much closer look from now on at ALL of what EACH of you have to offer from now on, because Google might be the Big Kahuna, but that doesn’t make the other ones worthless.

Why pay for Constant Contact when you can have Yahoo Groups set up for FREE as your eNewsletter carrier?

Maybe, for once, it’s not about leading clients where we want them to go, but finding out what they value most, and going there.

1 Scott Ludtke May 18, 2011 at 3:38 am

Hey Dave:
Anything that is free and reliable is by far the best option in my book. Although jaded by Yahoo! after having my email hacked, I still appreciate the many services they provide for free. I was very sad to see Yahoo! Buzz die as it was a very good resource for SEO purposes and it had great authority! Oh well, just another process of re-grouping…
Thanks for the post.

2 David Curtis May 19, 2011 at 4:05 am

The hacked part is bad, but I’ve learned to use 13 or 14 upper/lower/digit/symbol passwords, pretty much a different one for each account. Sad that a graphical processing unit (video card) can be re-programmed and turned into a brute force hacking supercomputer, but that’s the way of the world. Sucks. But true. Agreed with the “free is better” but still leery whenever anyone else controls the game.

3 Com Press Release April 10, 2012 at 12:32 am

The Only thing I like better about yahoo and bing was that you could mask domain names and be found. Seemed to go to crap. Doesn’t work anymore. I wish there was a new search engine.

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