Tweet Like a Rock Star!

by Dave Curtis on 04/26/2011

@Sugarrae – Twitter Celeb

I love @Sugarrae (Rae Hoffman) of Twitter. She’s one of the first people I followed when I started out on Twitter back in 2008. She’s without a doubt the very most interesting person I’ve yet found and has thousands of followers on Twitter. I once compared her to Howard Stern of radio and film fame, but only because she blows everyone else of the water on twitter when it comes to which personality I like the best.

People who listen to Stern either love him or hate him – but when asked why they listen both sides say they listen for the same reason: “To hear what he’s going to say next.”

Sugarrae is just as different. (See video of Sugarrae below)

Whoops! Not THAT video. (That’s some of the cool stuff that goes on that leads to some good entertaining tweets) This one – it’s Rae Hoffman the business woman:

And this one:

(More Rae Hoffman, the business side of the woman) In the above video Rae speaks of “off site links” as part of marketing though it is also part of SEO. Often times SEOs only perform on-site SEO without doing anything to get outside links to point to a site. This is a mistake. (Take a look at my Page Rank Myth page about a Page Rank 4 on a site that has absolutely no content – just a bunch of good links pointing toward it).

Sugarrae keeps it very real on Twitter and lets her personality shine. At one time I thought of the conversations she had with other very well known programers, search engine marketers, affiliate marketers and so forth as a kind of a show. I didn’t think that there was any kind of an orchestrated, pre planned show or anything, but I loved how everyone got along.

What I’ve discovered about a lot of the best social media participant is that there’s a lot of power in groups of people having fun with each other as they work and play and share their experiences in public. One person’s popularity isn’t always enough. Sometimes it takes interesting knowledgeable friends and associates who “get it” in social media putting themselves out there and just being themselves.

The conversations of the people I follow are full of informative helpful hints and tips that I take seriously and often follow up on.

E-Myth - Get it!

E-Myth - Definitely get it - good advice from someone who's making millions in affiliate marketing... and even though she *does* have that info on her site (I looked it up later) I got that advice first by following Sugarrae on Twitter.

A few days later I ordered the book. That kind of information and serious case studies such as Sugarrae’s case study of a commercial brand approach to using Twitter (and a second one on the Twitter case study revisited) works.

My advice to any company wanting to explore social media is to start with twitter together, even if you’re all in the same office, and start tweeting with your company brand always in mind. Keeping it fun, keeping it light, keeping it always informative and sometimes even a little personally revealing when things are going wrong (the kids are sick, the dog just barfed, the moving men are oogling your girl friend) – and the good times (vacation tweets and smart-phone photo uploads, a night out at a restaurant, baking fresh cookies) all seem to invite the stranger into your heart and into your home. So talk about your business too – deals and offers, sales and benefits, just as you would with anyone else you know. Do it for real and for itself. Life’s a journey, not the destination. …and if it happens? It happens. 🙂

1938 Media - Loren FeldmanMore and more people are working on computer and smart phones. With a little bit of communication going on, you and your company – execs and employees – will also be able to Tweet Like Rock Stars!