Social Media Optimization or Social Media Spam?

Social Media Optimization or Social Media Spam?

by Dave Curtis on 01/02/2009


Twitter – the 4th largest social media network, but with 22 million visitors a day it’s HUGE!

…and the best part is that Twitter is indexed by Google.

That means that twitter, properly used, is a great tool for SEO and networking. I’ve been on Twitter now for over two years, but when I started I wanted to know what good etiquette on Twitter is (particularly as it applied to spam) so I looked it up in Google. One site I came upon (site no longer active) had a link to “The 8 Rules of Twitter Club“. Halfway down that page it states:

“Twitter can be great for networking with people in your field and help to build your career.” It can also help you spread awareness about web projects you want to share with the world. Make use of it, don’t just understand social media, but participate!

The actual Twitter guidelines regarding “Twitter spam” itself say this: “So, our challenge is to curb this type of behavior without interfering with non-spammy users—some of whom may just be very enthusiastic followers.”

Translation: You can @reply to people you are genuinely and enthusiastically following as long as you don’t go bonkers doing it and you probably won’t have anything to worry about.

Twitter is a great place to find plenty of other people with interests similar to your own who you can learn from, network with, build relationships with and in many cases eventually meet.

So how DO you find out who on Twitter shares similar interests to you? (Thought you would never ask) This part is the best part of You use their sort function to drill down, or search all people in Twitter with (in my case) the SEO profile… just click this link to make it fast: As you can see there are over 1,500 people found on Twitter using the term SEO in their profiles. With that many people, the chances are good of finding a few hundred like minded people in the my profession to follow who will follow me back.

Facebook has got 310 million people per day logging in (and 51% of all Americans as of April 20th 2011) but Facebook is not indexed or searchable by Google – a bad thing for trying to use it to market on the web, but with 310 million people on Facebook there are lots of opportunities to make friends there (particularly if you “friend” lots of people by playing a few online games) and then posting links to your articles and sales there. The only advice I can give you is to be genuinely interested in what other people are doing, both in Twitter and on Facebook – or any other social media site.

Someone simply trying to constantly sell things is quickly unfollowed, unfriended, blocked or reported as spam. So have at it – say hello to the world on the web in ways that your blog can’t do – reach out to it, rather than have it try to find you! Sometimes, for some people, it works well and sometimes for others it doesn’t, but just keep at it. Eventually you’ll find your voice and your friends and your customers will follow. Remember, trust is a major factor in why people become successful. Longevity will only help you.

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