Lightbox and Product Photography Services

by Dave Curtis on 12/24/2012


Expect to pay $2000 and up for product photos and when it is for a consumer campaign – car, TV or similar then the bill will be in the tens of thousands. Whatever the product, taking the photo is a specialty. Not every pro can do it.


What is involved:
– the client briefing.

  • What is the message?
  • Where will the images be used (web, ppt, show stand artwork, print, press, etc).

Usually several versions are needed.

– in writing plus contract including any licensing agreement (if applicable) of photos to so and so, for a given length of time, and only to be used for the purpose agreed upon.

The Shoot:

  • Background
  • Lighting
  • Making sure the products are on-hand. (Often they are prototypes so may need makeup).
  • Models? (It is always technically challenging).


  • Getting the client acceptance and maybe making changes
  • Delivering the final work in various formats

I charge by the job:

Some jobs will be billed per photo and some jobs will be billed by the hour. Some clients with many products want to shove as many products in front of the camera as possible in an hour and sacrifice quality for quantity and then only use a few of the photos. This seriously lengthens the total post production editing time, most particularly where mockup products and products with reflective surfaces are being photographed.

Buyer Concerns:

As a buyer you shouldn’t care how much time I take (within reason / before deadline) to deliver good results, you just know what your budget is. I will deliver the best final product I can within your budget without losing money.