Keyword Strategy

Keyword Strategy

by Dave Curtis on 01/02/2011

Keyword strategy typically involves working in and investigating several areas. Your primary start will be with your own site theme based upon what business you’re in.

Start by creating a list of as many categories of products or services you sell, or as many distinct areas of interest you wish to have represented on your site.

Next take the list of keywords and phrases you and others you’ll be working with (to get the largest number of words and phrases you can) and check each one using various resources. You can start with a thesaurus to find more eligible words and phrases. Next go to Google’s Pay-Per-Click keyword tool and either create an account if you don’t have one, or log in with your current account user name and password. Once in, type in each and every phrase to find .  The sample shown below is “restaurant supplies” with the “closely related to my search terms” unchecked under the search box and on the left hand side “broad search” checked off.

Key phrase: Restaurant Supplies

Additional columns of data may be selected but for now you can see there are a few things of interest even in this one search including volume of searches (both global monthly and local monthly estimates) and competition.  Now, after searching all of your terms and building (downloading/saving) your results  if you’re already an SEO you’re going to want to plug them into WordTracker and any other online services you’re signed up with and do this again drilling deeper and sideways.

Based on competition, number of searches and your own business experience you’ll be better able to determine which areas are your desired targets.

Now comes the fun part – analyzing the top 5 or 10 competing web sites in Google that come up on top of the search engine return page for each term or phrase. This is a lot of work but needs to be done. Scour their pages for additional related terms you may have missed but that also apply to your site.

This is the basis of how to perform keyword research and the strategy you’ll need to follow to find as many as you can in a relatively short period of time so you’ll have a good list for each term to use when you begin writing.