Getting Started in Video Marketing

by Dave Curtis on 01/25/2011

Video is Hot – How to Get Started Cheaply

YouTube has been gaining market share of video viewers for years and is on a continually steady rise. Varying reports calculate that anywhere from 40+% to 90% of all video’s viewed on the internet are now seen on YouTube. I once saw a video on YouTube with an embedded request to visit a domain to see more. When I did there was no web site so I checked if it was available, it was, and so I bought it out of curiosity. I then plugged in Statcounter and Google Analytics and found that it received 40+ hits a day in direct type-in traffic without having any back-links or content on the page. 40 plus hits a day, simply from someone else’s video. Think of what you can do with a half dozen videos with only a fraction of that number of hits for each.

Web content isn’t just words, it’s also “content of engagement” that keeps people on your site, that communicates with them, that convinces them to buy or subscribe or ask for an estimate. SEO isn’t just on-page keywords and backlinks, but anything that will bring relevant traffic to your site, find pre-qualified buyers who are interested in your products or services, and marketing via videos is a long standing science and art that you can become involved in cheaply, as shown in the videos above. YouTube is free. Cameras are inexpensive. Even High Definition cameras with EXTERNAL microphone jacks (usually found only in video cameras costing more than $500) are out there for just a few hundred dollars.

If you still don’t want to get involved in this sort of marketing (and why not?) and you want to hire someone to perform the video recording / editing work for you I can help if you can’t find anyone local. Travel, room and board expenses will be added, but your bill but there’s always an alternative to nothing at all.