SEO & The Recession

SEO & The Recession

by Dave Curtis on 05/07/2009

SEO in NYC started out like a lot of things – fairly simple and without much competition.  By late 1992 there were only 26 websites in the world.  During 1993 there was just one new website on the internet each day.  By the time 1998 came around, there were tens of millions of websites, but still nowhere near as many as today.    We could sell “hits” and trade links easily with like minded web builders and grow our traffic quickly.  There wasn’t all that much competition on the internet from large companies, many of which were still trying to figure out what the web was all about.  The “good olde days” of the ’90’s were rich.  But then came the DOT.COM Crash of 2000 – 2002 and the disaster of 9/11 – and the bottom dropped out for IT professionals in a lot of placed, particularly in NYC.  9/11 meant cut backs and layoffs for IT professionals of all sorts – including company webmasters, some making over $100,000 a year.

We went through a major recession – and we adapted as best we could, increased our expertise, delved more deeply into the details and those of us that were good enough to survive came out of that economic war tougher, leaner, meaner and better equipped to deal with any crisis situation.

Enter 2009.

So here we are today and billions of people all around the world are searching the internet.  Today there are ten thousand times the tens of millions of pages that were on the web in 1998

2009 means both hope and suffering.  Just at the right time SEO’s are ready to tackle the hardest jobs of optimizing to get businesses better ratings, more visitors, copywriting that sells and the technology is here for us to create forms and blogs and enewsletter campaigns and press/news releases and compassionately help businesses come back from the brink.  If the internet is more complex now than it has ever been before it’s a good thing, because we need to provide apps and artificial intelligence and ads and videos on YouTube in more and better ways than ever before to those businesses that are run by people with vision enough to realize the beginning of the full power of the internet and what its potential is.  In 2012 we will reach the point in this country where everyone who can be on the internet will be on the internet.   Optimization and ranking take time and continually hosted domain age is a factor in Google’s algorithm.  Moving ahead with a site and getting it optimized early by a good SEO will place you where you want to be now – and when the recession ends, and you’re already known on the internet, the payoff will be huge.