Read ONLY if you know the meaning of SEO

Read ONLY if you know the meaning of SEO

by Dave Curtis on 08/04/2010

Search Engine Optimization isn’t pretty pictures first, it’s getting your site found. Pretty pictures aren’t what SEO is about any more than window dressing is what a Building Engineer is all about.

Search Engine web site engineering is about optimization that first and foremost makes your web site show up in the search engines for very specific words and phrases determined to be those which are the most searched for in your kind of business and second, that prove themselves through monitoring by the SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) to convert the highest percentage of visitors to your site in specific to purchasing products and or services from your business in specific.

That means not just building or redesigning your web site but doing it in accordance with scientific results oriented proven techniques over time – it means having a part time manager working on your web site recording events, measuring trends, making corrections based upon visitor behavior and increasing the effectiveness of your site using measurements of group behavior and taking into account group preferences over time.

You don’t like blue. That’s not scientific. You want a large picture of your business on the first page with your store philosophy underneath. That’s not SEO. You want no mention of your individual specific products but a photo of your latest piece of modern equipment nobody else has. That’s not SEO either.

Don’t call me if that’s what you want. Call a web designer who doesn’t care whether you make a dime with your site. Do not call me because my reputation depends on your success.