Small Business SEO

by Dave Curtis on 02/05/2010

SEO for small businesses is different from SEO for medium and large businesses in several ways.

First, your site is most likely quite a bit smaller and less complex than the national brand web sites. It’s unlikely that you’re not investing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to maintain your web site or that you have one or more full time dedicated web designers on staff. The likelihood is far greater that your web designer only works for you some of the time and that he or she handles dozens of other businesses web sites at the same time as yours.

Small Business Search Engine Optimization is also different in that your goals are different. While you may be shipping nationally (or even internationally) you’re vendors, billing department and shipping & receiving department can’t handle hundreds of thousands of orders a day, even if you could get that much business.  It’s also possible that you’re not selling anything online but need to do more business locally as with a florist’s shop where being unprepared for thousands of nationwide orders would definitely be a problem without careful prior planning.

That said, large (and some medium) businesses employ in-house SEO teams working full time on staff along with their web designers. Small businesses will hire independent SEO consultants, freelancers and smaller SEO firms either to take over work on the web site when the original webmaster is no longer working out (or can no longer be found, which is more likely) or work with the web designer and provide instruction in today’s SEO standards.

One more very important distinction between SEO for a small business and SEO for a larger business is that because you most likely don’t employ marketers, web developers, public relations personnel, or in-house media release department (essential for good SEO to become great SEO) you’re going to have to work along with your SEO(s) personally or be prepared to empower and assign someone on your staff to do so. You (or the person you assign) make the crucial difference in determining how well your SEO works.

Since you’re reading this page I’m going to assume that you need an SEO, or think you do. Call me when you’re ready and we’ll discuss options.

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