Paid Links – Text Link Ads

Paid Links – Text Link Ads

by Dave Curtis on 12/27/2008


One of my favorite Blog posts of 2008 was an interview with Matt Cutts and Maile Ohye of Google conducted by By Jason Lee Miller of Web Pro News (<–you can read the whole article here).

The question in many people’s minds of primary concern of course is “What constitutes a paid link?”

The Google Webmaster log-in page has a clearly defined link to report paid links:

Google Webmaster Account - Report Paid Links

Google Webmaster Account - Report Paid Links

For instructional reasons I’m including this one question here from Web Pro News as it pertains directly to paid text link ads:

“Question: I have reported sites that clearly have paid links (e.g. the backlink page says “Advertising” above the link), but Google does not seem to take action. Why would that be the case? These are .orgs who are clearly selling their .org juice.


Google’s Answer: While paid links and spam reports are being taken very seriously by Google, the results may not be seen immediately for users or even not at all. This does not mean no action is being taken on the offending sites. Also, the TLD of the sites should not be a factor being taken into account. For this reason reporting both, web spam and PageRank passing link selling makes sense and contributes in an important way to the quality of Google’s index.

Translation (Web Pro News), partly based on .gov/.edu response: Google treats all top level domains the same, so a .org would have no more juice than a .com or .info. Further, clearly marked paid links (ones on pages labeled ‘Advertising’) are not necessarily violations of Google’s guidelines. If the links you reported were found to be nofollow links, then no action would be necessary. But keep trying to sabotage the competition. Business is war.”

The main thing to remember here is that the links must be “nofollow” – in other words, not be able to increase page rank as would a link that did not contain the “nofollow” tag.

I saw a video on YouTube for Text Link Ads a while back and again more recently. Michael Gray AKA Graywolf of is in this video supporting Text Link Ads with the page title “Buy Links”.

What got me was the title of the page “Buy Links”… here’s the video:

As I watched the video it seemed to indicate at first that these links will indeed carry page rank based on the statements of Chris Jones of Pepperjam: “you get some link value in most cases” and that Link Text Ads will “move one of my links because I didn’t feel I was getting the link value I was looking for, the traffic…”

We’re dealing with semantics here though. The idea that Pepperjam Text Link Ads is going to sell you link juice value (ala black hat) is exciting – but Chris Jones isn’t saying that, he’s saying “you get some link value” and link value isn’t just one thing – ORGANIC link value (if a link truly is organic) is link juice “trust” but it’s also traffic which converts to desirable action(s) on your site. Patrick Gavin runs Text Link Ads and has been around in SEO for quite some time as one of the greats. So the deal stated above looks good for a paid, nofollow advertising link, and if it doesn’t work (brings you no traffic) it can be moved.

Read what Rae Hoffman has to say on paid links and Google going nuts trying to catch the culprits doing it “Link Development and The Face of Evil.” Essentially backlinks, paid and/or spontaneously given are the business of the site owners and they have the right to do whatever they want between each other.

Searching further I found positive report after positive report about Text-Link-Ads. One older one was an interview of Text-Link-Ads Patrick Gavin done by SEO Aaron Wall. There was a time when Google and Text-Link-Ads were at odds, for reasons we can all see. Google has their own version of text link ads using PPC. If anyone has any positive or negative feedback on their experience with Text Link Ads specific as to increased traffic and conversion rates, I’d appreciate some comments.

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