Web Traffic = Location, Location, Location!

by Dave Curtis on 10/09/2010

Without SEO your web site is very likely to be stranded out in the middle of nowhere.

Only the occasional odd combinations of search terms will bring stragglers to see it. You can pay a novice (a college student, an old fashioned web designer now in retirement, a family member or friend of a friend) without any practical up to date in depth SEO knowledge or experience to build you a site – but don’t you want to be assured that people are going to be able to find your site so you can earn money from it being there? Sure you do. Some form of decent SEO is the only way to get that done and it very, very rarely happens by accident that your site’s content is so brilliantly done that thousands of people just automatically start linking to it and are dying to share it with their friends. Without SEO you may as well call the number in that sign and spend your money advertising there.

Where is search today? At the time I wrote this page Danny Sullivan (Search Engine Land’s editor-in-chief and chief content officer at Third Door Media) provided this neat flash display to make what’s happening with search today a bit easier to understand:

The importance of social media (you’ve heard of Twitter and Facebook), all kinds of social media (depending on what kind of business you run) has risen greatly in the eyes of Google because so many people are using social media! Search engine results now show social media and even YouTube video results and those businesses which are using these services are showing up prominently – and these social media meeting sites are the new busy highways and bi-ways of the world. Your nephew’s friend in college designing your web site isn’t going to have the time to help you manage your online social media campaign even if you do get an eye-pleasing site in the deal.

The new busy highways and bi-ways of the world. Your ad here.