SEO Radio – Working SEO on Blog Talk Radio

SEO Radio – Working SEO on Blog Talk Radio

by Dave Curtis on 04/23/2011

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Search Engine Optimization Radio uses’s free scheduling system that allows for half hour talk shows. If you’re somewhat of a personality and can speak well, get out there and do a half hour presentation once a week on a day when you’ll be available. I chose Saturday at 12:30 simply because I think it will work better all the way around than say, Thursday at the same time. There are ways to track that as well.

The concept of the show is simple – SEOs and marketers can call in and share their own experience to help guide business owners with web sites. I expect that some of the SEOs I follow (who follow me back) on Twitter will occasionally call in to participate since it certainly can’t hurt to spread their presence on the web into archived audio which (as the archive grows and listeners subscribe and participate) will help make their solutions available to listeners.

The show is short – half an hour – which isn’t enough time. My goal is to go to a premium account and do longer shows where I can spell out in greater detail some of the things I already cover on my sites.

If you’re a listener, thanks, and if you’re not, please listen and consider whether maybe it might be a good idea for you to become one. Thanks for tuning in and listening to SEO Radio.