Social Media, Marketing and Search Engine Optimization aren’t about Technology and SEO

Social Media, Marketing and Search Engine Optimization aren’t about Technology and SEO

by Dave Curtis on 10/12/2011

Social Media, Marketing and SEO for the client is about making money – more money – and hopefully lots more money.

Social Media Optimizers (SMO), Web Marketing Experts (SEM) and SEOs are not hired by lazy businesses run by lazy people, they’re hired by aggressive businesses run by hard working people.

Luck is nothing but hard work. So what about the business owners who are swamped, too busy to do anything more, don’t have an employee or even a close friend or family member who can at least help, and they’re not lazy?

You’re going to have to pull it out of somewhere. Unless you can pay soup to nuts to have someone do it right for you (and you likely don’t) then work nights, work weekends – but find the time to invest in your own site because your SEO/SEM/SMO will need to be paid for everything you can’t do.

Search Engine Optimization is ALSO about Social Media Optimization. Social Media is Public Sentiment. ‘Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed.’ ~ Abraham Lincoln

It’s the same now as it ever was – and it takes more effort to succeed at it than it does to do nothing and to fail.

When someone calls me about SEO work I immediately go over the options that THEY can take care of themselves – the social media campaign work, the monthly newsletter writing work, the press release work, the “idea” work involved with MARCO (marketing copy writing), video, branding ideas and so forth.

The HARD WORKING business looking for SEO will write these down somewhere whether they’re using my SEO services or not. The HARD WORKING but too busy businesses looking for SEO will want to pay me to do this work for them.

The LAZY businesses will not write anything down and will not offer to pay me, and instead will ask me what is the LEAST AMOUNT OF MONEY I will take to do their SEO with none of the options that will make it worthwhile (they don’t say that last part, but SEO isn’t a Chinese menu “1 from column A, 1 from column B and 1 from column C” type deal – it’s an all out campaign because if the web site is like a racing car (competing against others in its class, and it is) and the Information Superhighway is the Internet comparable to a race track (which it is) and the finish line is comparable to page one in Google (which it is) then you really don’t want to enter a car into the race that isn’t fully properly engineered and professionally driven (you don’t).

What you put into SEO is nothing compared to what you’ll get out of SEO if you win that race. Optimization isn’t about SEO – it’s about making lots of money.