You Don’t Know How to Use a Digital Camera

You Don’t Know How to Use a Digital Camera

by Dave Curtis on 09/27/2011

I hear from people all the time who can’t use a camera. Ok, granted, I took a few photography courses in college a long time ago, owned an expensive SLR with all sorts of lenses, filters and options, developed my own film and also spent several months learning video to film for a network television station, but what about the “average Joe” using a camera to take a few shots of his store or products? Cameras have been around forever, so why not do the the photography yourself?

The fact is, that even though you sometimes take a good photo, MOST of your pictures aren’t all that great. No, it doesn’t mean your stupid, it simply means you’re honest with yourself. You’re too busy working and have too many life interests to waste your time with a damned camera. You COULD learn to use it but if there’s a single problem you’re going to lose your patience and hire someone to do it for you. Ok, so there is a problem and that’s why I’m your camera man.

Rule of Thumb: If photography is difficult, videography is impossible!

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