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by Dave Curtis on 04/27/2011

Web Photography and Web Graphics

See my photos and a sample video below.

Traditionally graphics design was the most important area for a web developer to be skilled in. Today, however, with the rash of lawsuits dealing with stolen photo content (suits where claims of $3,000 aren’t the least bit unusual) it is now more important than ever to make certain that your SEO or webmaster properly purchase media licenses or that you provide the photos yourself. This doesn’t just apply to photos, but to music and other types of audio files as well. If you don’t have the rights to use it, in writing, then you can’t. Waivers and release forms must also be obtained when photographing people unless, as is the case with Caddy’s Beach signs are posted stating that everyone who enters agrees to be photographed and that images, and videos may be used.

In my past several years experience virtually no business has supplied adequate photos that can be used on their site, and absolutely none of the businesses I have dealt with have produced any web graphics.

The same goes for videos. As a web developer and search engine optimizer I do all three well, and I also perform licensed media purchases to prevent your site from very expensive lawsuits. Do not think you can email your SEO or webmaster photos you’ve downloaded from the internet and you will not get caught by the party who holds the original image copyright. You will get caught, you will get sued, and it will be expensive. Mark my words.
The following are just some of the photos I’ve taken over the past four or five years for various web sites. There are included a few images that I have digitally “shopped” to create effects. There are also a few graphic compilations simply because I made them and think you might enjoy seeing them. 🙂 When you’re considering hiring an SEO / Web designer keep in mind the fact that purchased media stock images don’t help to brand your business’ difference. Custom photography, graphics and video do.

All of the following photography and video(s) were shot by me personally. All graphics creations and photo manipulations were also performed by me.

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