by Dave Curtis on 04/29/2015

The Execution Of Seo Is An Intense Process To Get The Basics Done As Quickly And Efficiently As Possible

More often than not a business already has a website. Many are ok, some are pretty good, some are horrendous. The server side files robots.txt, .htaccess and sitemap.xml need to be developed, and the logical division of content has to be silod. Siloing means to subdivide all existing content logically into segregated areas for static pages and logical categories for daily and weekly dynamic content. Part of the long term execution relates to the strategy of content creation related to timely changes. Execution over the long term requires keeping a finger on the pulse of the various stages a business is in. For iPhones it’s dynamic content creation about the latest phones and tablets, for gas stations it’s content generated regarding the prices of gas today and expected changes for the next week or so. These are the things concerned and expectant searchers will be most appreciate of. Thus the execution of the site’s Search Engine Optimization development will race along quickly with the most static sections of the site but the rest of the site will require slower, sustained effort. You may prefer a few quick bullet points which mean little or nothing to you, but that’s not providing you with any real information.

Areas of optimization include all photos, all links, all titles and sub-titles, custom SEO headings and meta descriptions, interlinked related page content where necessary, and outbound links where these links are to quality content which is further helpful to the visitor and will be gratifying. The execution deals with the creation of multiple permanent 301 redirects from old pages to the newly created ones, or groups of fragmented content pages to a single page or smaller group of pages more tightly focused (silod). None of this may be overlooked in order for Google to be assured to regard the site with good content as more valuable than the competing sites, particularly when they are better.

Execution also requires not over optimizing the site, something else Google has lately announced it will demote a site in the rankings for.

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