Confused about Which Blog is best? WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Typepad

by Dave Curtis on 05/09/2009


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Building Content With Blogs

Content creation is of major importance – adding content to your site regularly over an extended period of time helps keep the search engines happy re-indexing your site and it helps bring them back more frequently.

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Typepad

Blogs are an extremely excellent way to maximize your site’s content without having to spend tens or hundreds of thousands a year on web development. This is because sites like this one (which is made using WordPress) quickly and easily permit placing information and images in a new page, and then placing the page into a category (under a “parent” page), adding tags and descriptions and finally publishing.

While many SEOs are unable or unwilling to state which blog (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or TypePad) is the most SEO friendly, I have worked with WordPress, Joomla and Drupal and agree with the excellent SEO Alan Bleiweiss that “Drupal blogs S— for SEO” and “WP all the way!” In my own experience Joomla is little better than Drupal, and Joomla has some very scary quirks not suitable for the beginner destined to make mistakes.

That said, I also have had calls from more than one Joomla site owner who had the site hacked. The last one was a politician in NYC who’s site was so badly hacked I had to move it entirely from the hosting platform and rebuild it from scratch in WordPress, and then almost immediately block the hackers from trying to get back into it again! I couldn’t have done that with Joomla.

So let’s take our question to Google. Since SEOs usually shoot for Google results (with over 70% of the search engine market), and find out by asking “WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Typepad – which is best?”

The first result? (You guessed it) – a WordPress site; Second result? (company web site); Third and fourth? WordPress; Fifth? Joomla. So three out of the top five results are showing how SEO in WordPress for “WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Typepad – which is best?” are coming up WordPress sites. Based on that a reasonable person might conclude that writers using Drupal, Joomla and Typepad doing similar comparisons were not able to successfully SEO their content well enough to arrive at the top of the search engine, assuming that any of them seriously believed they could make their case. So your best bet is to go with WordPress.

Build Your Blog with WordPress

While company blogs tend not to have particularly high levels of trust, each blog is different, and certainly they have no less trust than a company website itself.

I’m not going to lie, blogs are a lot of work – but building content a few times a week at a minimum beats not doing anything.

While professional content bloggers usually have teams of writers, your company blog can get by with one or two people contributing on a regular basis. By professional blogs I don’ t just mean the Huffington Post, but others who publish very specific information for smaller groups of people.

You, as just one person starting out, would need to be write fairly well and make your posts and pages interesting to the level of reader you’re trying to attract. My suggestion is to write to the level of the people you’re trying to attract as clients without going too deeply into the nuts and bolts technical details. You’ll just get bogged down, lose momentum and start losing your audience. Offer some ideas and useful advice and if they’re able to carry on from there by themselves fine, if not they can call you for help if they’re interested.

Blogging is a long term commitment but dedicating an hour a day to content creation will pay off over time with huge dividends.

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