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by Dave Curtis on 10/01/2010

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NYC Business Search Engine Optimization

Chubb Technical Institure - Anthem College

Chubb Technical Institute just before the fall of the Twin Towers. (Campus closed/moved uptown)

In 1998 I made a career move from the management and sales in the NYC fine dining and hotel hospitality industry to Information Technology (IT) / Management Information Systems (MIS) and earned both a degree and several certifications. While working in several offices in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn Queens and on Staten Island for the Consortium for Worker Education I created a small LAN help-desk web site to assist workers submitting trouble tickets. That was my first web site. My second IT/MIS position was at the Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum where I was the only Cisco/Network Engineering Certified Network Administrator on their payroll. During that time I began researching dozens of different types of web development software in. One of my associates (in the web development department) at the Intrepid, Brian Scherr of Scherr Technology gave me some great advice for developing sites which I’ve taken to heart.


Entry into Web Design and SEO

My first professional web site design layout2004 marked my official entry into professional web design. My models for the sites I designed took advanced elements from various Chamber of Commerce sites, MSN.com, Yahoo.com etc. My goal was to make sites that rivaled the big sites functionality and versatility – I needed a search feature, a calendar, mail forms for requesting information, some photo gallery work and so forth and so on – and my second site built for a local business organization accomplished (with a lot of slight of hand) the appearance and functionality of these bigger trusted web sites.

Those early sites SEOd with the guidance Krei Steinberg, a NYC SEO from the 90’s, were crafted with such immense care and exactitude – and started getting me phone calls!

– that I knew web design was going to become another important revenue stream. What I didn’t know at the time was that I would soon officially be throwing my hat into the ring of professional full time Search Engine Optimization.

In late 2005, early 2006 Hernando County Tourism Development decided to re-do the county tourism web site and solicited bids from several major web firms including:

…the director of tourism knew my work I was contracted by the county to review the bids and act as the technical adviser to the tourism development board.

As I was then web administrator for a local business group web site and the director of tourism knew my work. I was contracted by the county to review the bids and act as the technical adviser to the tourism development board. As a condition for accepting these bids the county government web design staff demanded technical details from those submitting contracts outlining precisely what would be done to make the site generate traffic, how it would collect data, how the whole thing would work, etc. The 350 pages of bid material by far exceeded my expectations for how much proprietary information would be revealed. This provided me with a great deal of terse technical information I could not have learned easily or quickly without having worked personally for months or years at the above listed firms.

I cross referenced the proposals methods and used the combined explanations to fully grasp implementation procedures including much related to advanced SEO.

Sue Rupe, 2nd from the right in the white blouse.I am extremely grateful to Sue Rupe (second from the right in the white blouse) for giving me that call – it was undoubtedly the single greatest breakthrough in helping me decide to dedicate myself to Search Engine Marketing and Optimization. Without that specific information (even after having read dozens of books on SEM and SEO on my own and having spent countless hours on the internet in forums and on blogs learning more) I would definitely not as advanced in web functionality and SEO as I am now.

As a working SEO I meet with and keep track of other SEOs regularly. I also work with individuals who are specialists in link building, press release writing, programmers, affiliate marketers, content writers and other SEOs including the manpower resources of an SEO Academy right here in Florida. All of this means that with the proper budget any size or complexity web project you desire is possible through the efforts of myself and my go-to on-demand team.

Your greater success on the web is guaranteed with none of the chances of wasting your resources with unqualified SEOs.

Call me in NYC at: 917 460 8312

Quick razzle dazzleDon’t fall for slick Razzle Dazzle graphic ads with get rich quick guarantees of “Your Site Ranked First in Google, Bing and Yahoo”. Starting and running an SEO campaign isn’t like winning the lottery. Poor SEOs hope that companies don’t understand what good SEO service is. Snake Oil Salesmen will paint pictures of untold riches easily and in exchange for no effort on your part, no changes in your schedule, and everything on full automatic while you just sit back and wait for the dough start rolling in.

If that were true then no SEO would ever have to work for the rest of his life. We could simply apply these same magical abilities to our own Affiliate Marketing stores, building one store after another and retire before we’re 30.

You should also ignore the old fashioned sales tactics from the 80’s that use fear tactics, jump on the bandwagon tactics or keep up with the Jones’ tactics.

  • Something terrible is going to happen if you don’t get SEO.
  • Everyone else in your industry is getting SEO. Come on! Join the crowd!
  • The business down the street that you envy so much has had SEO – Shouldn’t you too?

All of the above old sales advertising approaches still work because they work on your primal emotions or attack your ego.

In either case the sales pitch is designed to work on an emotional level but what you really need to know is whether the SEO you’re thinking of hiring is good at what he does, if he’s got talent and if he’s got drive.

Excellent SEO service companies help you find out what SEO really is by explaining how you can help by providing detailed information and providing written content to assure that your site is built to attract clients seeking exactly what goods and services you provide. The better the match, the higher your rate of conversion – and the greater the return on your investment.

Make no mistake, there’s work to be done by you too. You’ll have to provide information about your products, your service, your company policies and even your company and employee involvement in the community in order to make your site stand out – but as much as you put into supplying this information for your web site’s SEO campaign you’ll make back… read what makes SEO a good choice for your business.

But don’t ever give up on your businesses chances on the web simply because you may not have had such great success before. If you love what you’re doing and always focus on simply doing more of it and doing more of it better than you did the day before you’ll make it.

Jim Bouton in 2006 delivering the Affiliate Summit keynote address on the topic of the Secret of Success.