About Dave Curtis

About Dave Curtis

by Dave Curtis on 07/04/2013

Dave Curtis

I’m one of those wake up and go to work types who’s excited about living to do some good in the world of commerce. Money makes the (commerce) world go round and my job is to help it spin more smoothly. When you make more (my theory) then I get better reviews, become more famous and I make more.  All I ask is one thing: listen to me. My advice is based on years of following and reading the top experts in the fields of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click), Search Engine Marketing Copy Writing, Social Media Marketing, …and overall digital marketing and e-commerce. So my expertise lies in SEO, SEM, social media, content marketing – and I’m essentially a good all around digital marketer.

Where I was born: My family came to America from  Germany, Austria, Sweden & Great Britain America after the Civil War and just before the outbreak of World War One. We moved to a part of NYC called “Yorkville” where German was the language on the street and in the homes, and I grew up as a young child still hearing it spoken daily.

I had four years of corporate IT experience before moving to Florida in 2004 and founded Brooksville Computer

Based on the results of some years of web work I did for a 50 local business member site I designed and managed I was contracted by the County’s tourism board to evaluate seven proposals from tourism site web development firms with bids ranging between $10k and $400k.

Part of the county government’s requirements for these companies to be qualified to submit was the demand that they provide details on exactly how they were going to accomplish each of the county’s demanded goals for the site. Therefore, the proposals contained advanced proprietary search engine optimization techniques, each one leaving out some critical piece of information, but each one providing clues to the information missing in the others. I further researched all topics using my own SEO knowledge and applied the techniques directly to my sites achieving positive results, probably advancing my skills a few more years in the process.

My focus since then has been solely on search engine optimization, and finding the right clients who can afford to properly implement all of what I have learned, both then and since. I also take calls from businesses and individuals looking for computer service, as well as work on a number of affiliate sites that belong to me.