What is the Return on Investment From Search Engine Optimization?

by Dave Curtis on 07/16/2016

in Working SEO

The internet is a superhighway and it’s a race to the finish line positions 1, 2 and 3 on page one in Google.

Location, location, location is the key to success with 36.4% Click Through Rate on position one placements, 12.5% Click Through Rate on position two placements and 9.5% Click Through Rate average on position three placement in the search ranking order.

If there’s a potential $100,000,000 worth of business in an area that 36.4% CTR represents a potential $36,400,000 of potential web sales – all it takes is compelling marketing copy (provided by your marketing staff, and SEOd by me), onsite contact forms, phone numbers and calls to action, and someone to follow up on leads quickly, answer objections and close sales.

Of course there’s nowhere near 100% conversion on clicks – with usually between 1% and 2% converting into sales, however I’m not talking about that small percentage but rather an actual $1,000,000 that will be paid out and actually is paid out to businesses through real web sales where $1,000,000 represents the total value in actual web sales. The same would go for a figure of $100,000,000 worth of actual business through the web which is made through that same 1% or 2% conversion or transaction rate. In some national markets overall real dollar sales values are actually are well over a billion dollars closed on just 1% or 2% conversion/transaction rates.

The First Stages of SEO

  • Month One (Stage 1) phase one – Major build-out, licenses, competitive site audit #1
  • Month Two (Stage 1) phase two – Major individual on-page SEO with individual Google area map
  • Month Three (Stage 2) major SEO – Major SEO traffic analysis & multi-targeted
  • regional/state area competitive site audits
  • Month Four (Stage 2) major SEO – Major SEO traffic analysis & multi-targeted regional/state area competitive site audits

You will start seeing results by month three

…Though I’ve seen them happen a lot earlier, this is a conservative SEO industry standard measure so I’m not going to tell you you’re going to begin seeing rankings across the board in a just a few weeks. Some of your pages will march right up to the top, but mostly in underrepresented state/county areas where there’s little competition – and in some harder areas as well simply because Google thinks they’re “just right” the first time. The harder areas are where we’re beginning to focus for months 3 and 4.

No Ongoing Monthly SEO Contract Required

Depending upon your company’s financial situation (SEO is very affordable to some, not so much for others) there’s no ongoing contract after that. From there we can talk about any ongoing SEO based on your increased net profit returns and you can make up your own schedule of month by month or once quarterly or even an annual trend (Google Analytics gives us this) to see where the site visits tend to rise and fall on a steady yearly basis. While it is best to continue repeating the granular ranking process on individual pages until the entire site achieves top standing universally does take time, effort, expertise and working with your marketing department representative(s) to maximize results.

As an intermediary SEO fix

I’ll teach you or your marketing rep how to log into the site to make your own industry related posts and create fresh news so your site gives Google something to chew on once in a while. This option proves quite effective if it can be done properly and with a firm understanding of the basic principles of on-page SEO undertaken with an attitude of being very thorough in every area and not leaving out any detail.

That’s part of what I’d be doing as monthly ongoing SEO – but you doing it once in a while isn’t a bad idea, particularly if your business provides service and you’re visiting various locations and can create area specific related posts which mention a) what you’re doing [job type], and b) the city, town, county, region, state in some specific combination and explain a few details about the type of problem, the unique solution you’ve found to solve the problem (even if it’s not unique, people don’t know that so make it as interesting as you can with industry jargon to give Google and searchers a nice eyeful).

workingseo-917-521-4798Equations for Determining ROI and ROAS

The internet is a superhighway & it’s a race to the finish line positions 1, 2 & 3 on P.1 in Google. The ROI is based on your total market area profits potential but relies on the traditional formula of ROI = Gain from investment – Cost of investment/Cost of investment. This is different from Return On Advertising Spend, or ROAS, which represents the dollars earned versus the dollars spent on an advertising campaign, and is figured by dividing advertisement-driven profit by the dollar amount spent on advertising. Thanks for reading and if the above looks like something you’d like to look into further feel free to contact me for a free consultation at 917-521-4798

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