Shooting Video at Night

by Dave Curtis on 11/12/2014

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Shooting Video at Night

Some of SEO has gone into film making for various reasons including marketing videos, creating viral content and adding objects of engagement. There were points in the past when some of these held more importance than others. That said, here’s the proper way to shoot night scenes:

Don’t do day-for-night. Don’t just color it blue and add a vignette. These are the dreadfully common (see: hackneyed) techniques of the modern indie filmmaker and drag the overall quality of the scene down with their hokey-ness. Not necessarily bad in all situations, but they have the stink of amateur video upon them.

For an artistic approach to shooting scenes at night, look at great examples like Sam Raimi’s “The Evil Dead”. It’s night time through pretty much the whole movie, and it’s good-looking actual night during the outside scenes (which happen to take place in a forest).

Just toss up a single slightly-diffused key and throw a harsh rim light on people to separate the actors from the black background. Do some lighting behind some trees to add a little bit of variation to the background and let the audience know that the scene is taking place in a forest. Maybe add a little smoke if you want the background to be more dynamic.

Expose for the lit portions to put the backgrounds into intense dark.

There’s sort of a timeless ‘film’ look to using actual darkness and having the unlit part of the actors actually be dark.

Seriously, day-for-night is tacky. Check out some of the nighttime exteriors in “Some Like it Hot” or even arguably bits of “28 Weeks Later” — pretty awful.

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