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by Dave Curtis on 10/16/2014

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Click This Image to go to the eBay Photo quality requirements page

How to Comply with eBay Rules About Picture Sizes

Recently a client emailed me with the following request:

“Could you please walk me through how to take a picture from a website and make it the size and clarity of what eBay is looking for? For instance, Molt X from
How can I take that pic and make it work for eBay????

(Client name)”

My reply was this, and as many people out there are desperately looking for this information, I’m going to share that reply now with you:

“That isn’t possible because the resolution of their own website image is not what eBay wants. eBay assumes all products need to be closely inspected for defects, thus they have to be high resolution and huge. For normal sites (like yours) nobody can tell you what size to use… just like nobody can tell can use. So no, I can’t walk you through how to make their small image the size and clarity that eBay wants. But, if you open a new tab and go to Google and put:


in as a search in Google, then after you click “enter” or “search” you click on “images” (in Google – so it shows images), then choose “search tools” and “size” and then select “large” you’ll either find a picture or not.

IF NOT then take away the trademark sign. If it still doesn’t work try it again without the dash between Molt & X (so just “Molt X”) and see if that works.

In the case of Molt X I just tried all three for you and none of them worked.

Next step then is to go back to the website and mouse over the image. Select “Copy image location” or “Copy image URL” (Firefox and Chrome are different).

Then go back to images in Google and over on the right hand side where you typed in Molt-X you’ll see a little symbol that looks like a camera. If you mouse over it, it says “search by image”. So click on that and past in your image location that you just copied from

You’ll have 2 choices there. Paste in Image URL or Upload Image. You’re going to paste in the URL.

Now after pasting in the image URL (if you have a picture on your hard drive you can always try that but in this case you don’t need one because the URL is good) I found only a whole bunch of small images the same as on their company web site. Bummer.

Nobody has a better image than that one. 🙁

At least that’s what Google is telling us.”

I hope this information has been useful to a few, and I apologize to those who are awaiting more articles from me but I’m a Working SEO which means I have real clients and spend almost all of my time on solving their real problems in order to help them make more money. Because face it, why pay for SEO if all it does it get you found in Google for certain terms or phrases? What good is it if you don’t make money? The SEOs I respect the most are always about improving the client’s bottom line – any which way possible. That’s why I always recommend that if the client can manage it, by all means also set up an eBay store and an Amazon store too. The client above has a site I’ve optimized and sometimes she’s making all of her money from that site. Sometimes she’s making all of her money from eBay, sometimes she’s making money from both at the same time… and sometimes business is dead and nobody’s buying from either. Those are the breaks but the bottom line is – if you’re in business and can handle both eBay and your own website’s direct sales then do it! Good luck and I’ll try to write another article here soon.


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