Upgrading to WordPress 4.0? Disable WP-SuperCache First

Upgrading to WordPress 4.0? Disable WP-SuperCache First

by Dave Curtis on 09/05/2014

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Warning to Disable WP-SuperCache Before Upgrading WordPress to 4.0

Just a short note of warning here from the tech experts hosting Hotsmonster / Bluehost etc that there have been issues for WordPress site owners when upgrading to WordPress 4.0 who have not disabled the wp-supercache plugin first. It may be an issue, so be aware.

quick-cacheI disabled the wp-supercache a long time ago on this site and switched to quick-cache after the site crashed and went “bye-bye” due to wp-supercache problems. I’m not sure what the above warning entails because I’m not using it, but if it happens to you this article¬†HELP! WP Super Cache Broke My Site! I wrote a while back may be of help to you. An ounce of prevention and a word to the wise.

So far I haven’t had any issues with Quick Cache – and I’m not selling it. I also haven’t upgraded to the pro version though I’m considering doing so. As to which one works faster, in my opinion the one that doesn’t crash my site is fast enough for me.

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