SEO WEEK – 917-521-4798 – Week in Review

SEO WEEK – 917-521-4798 – Week in Review

by Dave Curtis on 12/08/2013

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Dave Curtis - SEO

Dave Curtis – SEO

Welcome and this is Sunday, 12/8/2013. This week’s show is about better understanding Search Engine Optimization and the grave importance of teaming up with and working closely with the SEO (the person doing the Search Engine Optimization) to make certain your job gets done quickly, accurately, and that your site, new or old, starts a sudden rise in rankings.

Google only cares about content.* But don’t even fantasize about handing your SEO someone else’s website to copy and paste (a] it won’t work, b] you’ll get penalized by Google and possibly sued), or your own old website for that matter, because it’s “duplicate content”. Think about that a moment. If Site Number One in Google could simply be copied verbatim and 100 “new” websites pasted in the exact same content then there should be 101 websites ranking one after the other for 10 pages of results in Google, right? Exactly: Crazy. It’s not happening.

SEO is both an art and a science. The science is the 200 factors in the algorithm. *Where* on the page to put the words, how to arrange and re-arrange them, how many *times* to re-arrange them – and these differ within each particular niche believe it or not – …bla bla bla – it goes on and on. Not all 200 algorithm factors are equally applicable, and not all apply to each and every site.

The Science of SEO now has to deal with how to artistically create attractive content that’s different from everyone else’s, hopefully more engaging than anyone else’s and definitely more useful and appreciated by site visitors than anyone else’s PLUS (big plus in my mind though the purist SEOs insist it isn’t their job) entice visitors to fill in forms, make purchases, call or visit your business – and not *just* click on your link and stare at your page a while.

Here’s an infographic of the 200 factors I was talking about:

* – Not really but that’s what they tell you right up front.

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