HTC DNA – File Transferring WITHOUT The Wire!

by Dave Curtis on 10/13/2013

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I have an HTC DNA Android phone. I’m in IT so I know how to make it do anything I want – but it hasn’t got a removable storage card slot, so it runs out of space occasionally and I need to take the files off.

You may have a similar issue with your phone so I’ll share this with you now. When I plug my phone into my computer to transfer files sometimes the computer doesn’t see the phone’s drive. Sometimes it sees it but then it removes it from the computer before I’ve done any or all transfers. Very annoying! AND you can’t use the computer’s search function in Windows – so what’s a girl do do? (I mean guy, what’s a guy to do – tee hee)

FIRST I installed an FTP server onto the phone… (Oh, did I forget to mention that when I have my USB external hard drive plugged into the computer and plug in the phone it corrupts the MFT (Master File Table) so my Terra-byte Drive FILLED with files shows up as having NO FILES ON IT? (Heart attack-ack-ack-ack-ack)…

Ok, so to save my hard drive and my sanity I installed an FTP Server which is called (oddly enough) FTP Server. I also installed KWS server which is an HTTP server. Why? Why both and why an HTTP server that’s typically thought of as a web server and not a file server? 🙂 Why indeed, muah, ha, ha, haaaa!!!

BECAUSE – what if I’m at a friend’s computer and need to get files off of my phone but the friend has no FTP client on his computer (and I’m not about to go into a lecture, I just need the files off for whatever reason)? No problem because HTTP, though slightly slower (more packet overhead) than FTP still works.

Use this – it lets you see the details of any file so you know where the F it really is.

Hopefully these tips will help not just those with my precise problems but lots of others with just similar problems. I’ve found that FTP directory sharing is an amazing option allowing all kinds of nifty things to happen that don’t normally happen within Windows own file permissions system.

FTP is better for adding/deleting files, but HTML is good for getting those files, particularly if you have a lot of them, if they are sensitive data you don’t want the NSA to sift through (as if they don’t already since they’re on your phone), or if there are too many files and you don’t have drop box or something to send them through.

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