Branding, Buzz, and Live Event Marketing – Social Media Marketing for 2014 and Beyond!

Branding, Buzz, and Live Event Marketing – Social Media Marketing for 2014 and Beyond!

by Dave Curtis on 10/13/2013 · 1 comment

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Branding, Buzz, and Live Event Marketing

(Continued from my previous post “How Interactive Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing for Events is Different From Traditional Marketing“)

Time to get down to the brass tacks: The Good Stuff this article is supposed to be all about!

Social Media (web 2.0) Marketing used to not be “live event coverage”  in real time just a few years ago – so we’re already moving into the realm of Web 3.0.

Sugarrae” (an affiliate marketer I follow on Twitter and Facebook) had this amazing thing going with “live blogging” using copy writer Lisa Barone (wow with the name dropping already – but sorry dudelette’s [if you guys ever even see this post] – I have to drop them because I’m using you as part of my case study on who does things right  in social media and how.) were some of the first who really got it right – they played Twitter like a violin and Sugarrae built her traffic and sales through the roof!

Nowadays it’s Google+ streaming video “Hangouts” (the latest and greatest at conventions and where ever a laptop and web cam can be set up and streamed), Tweeting / Facebooking and uploading snapshot images during events from the phone – all fine and dandy and super cool nifty whiz bang – but already that’s lost it’s “oomph” and is old for the shock value.

Everyone’s doing it. The leading edge, bleeding edge, cutting edge “gotta see this – it’s so totally new”  viral novelty is gone – It’s old – been seen, done, been there. So outside of the Hindenburg catching fire or the Titanic sinking or the World Trade Center being brought down by a few airplanes, nobody’s paying attention.

but they’ll always pay attention to three basic types of appeals:

  1. Keep up with the Jones’
  2. Fear tactics
  3. Jump on the bandwagon

So let’s go back to what’s working – but in a Bleeding Edge, Cutting Edge, Old Fashioned with a New Twist Way:

The “Faces and Names” Way

I have a friend named Mike Nash with a bar in Manhattan. When I was tending bar at the NY Hilton I’d go to his bar (he was just a bartender then, just like me) after work and throw him a $100 tip, and he’d come to my bar with his girl friend a few days later and throw me a $100 tip. We went back and forth this way for years. The web truly is anonymous – just like NYC. Believe me, I was born there on East 86th Street in Manhattan, and I know. Unlike small town USA where everybody knows your entire reputation and life history (and you can’t outpace a bad reputation – which means *anything* that disagrees with any big fish in the small pond you live in)  – NYC is 10 million people strong.

Divide 10 million people by about 200 working days (that’s a 365 day year minus 104 weekend days days and a bunch of holidays, more or less) and you get 50,000 brand new people that you could meet per day, every single day, for an entire year without ever meeting the same person twice.

What I’m getting at is that the Faces and Names on Social Media. Mike’s got a whole staff of waitresses, waiters, bartenders and managers who work both on the computer and on iPads to take snapshots of live events to update the Faces & Names Facebook Page in real time. Real time as in “We’re having a party! Come on down now and party with us not now but RIGHT NOW!” …and it works! Faces and names managers, waiters and waitresses and bartenders are all about putting it out there all day, all night, letting everyone know it’s happening – JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON – The Jones’ are here.

The Android and iPhone/iPad Apps you need to make Social Media Marketing Work:

Versatility and tried and true value is the key. Number one app needs to help your long term strategy of branding.

Watermarking/Logo Branding

AddWatermark: You’ve got to brand at least SOME of your photos with your company logo. This one is for Android.

iWatermark: Works with iPad, iPhone and there’s an Android version as well.

You’ll need to create an actual logo on your computer and understand that that means making it so it looks good small as well as large, in color as well as in just black and white such as these:

…So how does that work? You can easily see the examples on Mike Nash’s pages on Facebook to get a real live every day, multi-participant mass social media marketing program. But, done from my own phone you can see how easy it is to brand any photo:

Suthnautr SEO

Suthnautr, my nom de plume for close to 20 years. Suthnautr SEO covers multiple sites and accounts. This watermark/brand was added on the fly from my phone before upload.

That’s a simple upload with an added logo. But advanced mixes of text in images, a collage effect app (various out there including TurboCollage for iPhone/iPad or TurboCollage Android, FotoRus, DipTic and others) will allow you to create LIVE EVENT IMAGES ON THE FLY like the following which I did from my Android HTC DNA Quad Core smart phone using only images I already had on the phone itself, and all but one of which were taken by the phone itself:

Due to techno-contract language I had to blur out part of the text - but you get the picture (no pun intended).

Due to techno-contract language I had to blur out part of the text – but you get the picture (no pun intended).

And that’s the way it’s done! – Doing REAL TIME LIVE posting collage effect with watermark branding is the way to take a dozen people at an event and create a collage of 3 or 4 plus another 2 or 3, plus another 4 or 5 – and put together a WOW it’s really Happening Here Party and you’re invited! Right now! … and nothing succeeds like success, which as we all know, is largely perception. Be there or be square.

The rest is up to you. Now (unless you want to do it all yourself) all you need to do is pre-test your prospective employees to see if they’re technology literate, and don’t think it’s not important because it is important for your business to benefit in the advantages to be won from the modern literacy standard of understanding and working with the internet to make money.

What if you don’t *have* any employees? 🙂

Do it yourself the way I do, or better yet, hire me to come to your events and do it for you – but don’t do it without a logo and a plan. Whether you have a website or not, social media marketing is really only all about Faces and Names.

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