Social Media Marketing – Finding the Most Popular Niche Facebook Groups

Social Media Marketing – Finding the Most Popular Niche Facebook Groups

by Dave on 06/01/2013

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“If I wanted to find out for social media marketing purposes the most popular Facebook groups, what tools would you suggest to determine this?”

14th Street, Union Square, Manhattan

14th Street, Union Square, Manhattan

The answer to that in part depends on what you’re marketing and how. This is because each Facebook group’s social dynamic and moderation/management will differ. So in the end “popular” may depend more on those things and how you’re trying to fit into the group in order to influence your market.

If the group is largely active and people are talking about doing things (DIY for instance) then questions about products often arise, so you can jump in with help and put an affiliate link beneath the comment to the thing you use or recommend.

If on the other hand it’s not that type of group, even though it may be bigger, you may not have as many opportunities to do your type of marketing. If it’s other type of marketing though, where you’re only looking for sign-ups or to do article marketing to encourage traffic to go to your site content  by pasting in links to pages relevant to the comments in the group discussion(s) and once the person is there reading they can take advantage of offers – then a different group will be better, even though less popular. Popular with lots of members may be useless if it’s not active.

Here’s How to Find Any and All Facebook Groups

That said, the simple answer to *finding* any group on Facebook copy & paste this into the address bar for each search you want to do:

Look at the very end of that string where it says “replace” and replace that single word with the word you’re looking for.

If it’s more than one word (say “engine repair” then replace it with engine repair (leave the space in, no need to add any special characters).

That should help – just keep it safe so you don’t lose it and you’ll be cooking with gas. The groups with the highest memberships show up first.


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