Hey Buddy, Can You Spare a Link?

Hey Buddy, Can You Spare a Link?

by Dave Curtis on 05/24/2013

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Sharing information without sharing a link to go with it is counterproductive. If you have something you want someone to see, whether it be a product on a site or a group or page in Facebook, don’t just send them to Facebook or to the first page of the site or you’re likely to get absolutely nowhere.

Instead, place the full URL to the exact page in the site where the product is listed… to the purchase it page, to the description page, to the video page or whatever you think will work best and cause the people you want to send to the site the least amount of hassle.

Sure it takes a small amount of work on your part, because you’re most familiar with what you’re referring to, to look up the exact page location and copy/paste it into your information, but if you’re only getting one conversion or transaction per 100 visitors to the page (1%), then how many people can you afford to *not* have go to the page because you didn’t link to it properly? The majority of busy people won’t bother clicking around on a site they have to type in themselves if you yourself don’t even think it’s important enough to take a moment to provide them with that needed information.

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