Check it out on our Facebook Page and Other Myths and Stories

Check it out on our Facebook Page and Other Myths and Stories

by Dave Curtis on 05/24/2013

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It’s happening again! I want to do a simple follow up on a group so I can write about it. In this case someone I’m linked to in LinkedIn is writing about it and I’m asking for a response so I can write a piece about it, maybe an interview with a few photos and a video.

So no response for 2 days, not that unusual, except that the contact is actively continuing to post about the organization and says to everyone to check out the [name of organization] page on Facebook.

No link in the urging to learn more, just “check it out on our Facebook page”. Facebook shows 3 things in search. One is a group but not associated with a page, and the LinkedIn contact is not one of the members so I ask for clarification and again get no response on LinkedIn.

The other few leads are out of state. Meanwhile I write a post about how important it is to place a link to a resource if you think it’s important enough to share on LinkedIn. A lot of us are pretty busy, so please spare us some time (I’m actually trying to follow up on this to do some work using this specific information so I’m wasting my precious work time to get somewhere here and not getting anywhere instead.

FINALLY – as a very last resort (over 45 minutes have now gone by) I copy/paste the profile description the LinkedIn contact put in the profile about the group and paste it into Google. This is where it gets profoundly goofy and entirely insane. I go to the site (WordPress) and type one word into the search box, and that word is “Facebook”

It delivers me to a page which after doing an in-page search has the word “Facebook” on it just one time.

Ready? (Drum roll please)

In plain text it simply says: “You can also find us on Facebook!” (no link).

WOW!!! In giant capital letters. WOW!!! The year? 2013. WOW!!!

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