If You’re Working with Multiple WP Blogs at a Time, TABSCOPE is A Winner!

If You’re Working with Multiple WP Blogs at a Time, TABSCOPE is A Winner!

by Dave Curtis on 02/13/2013

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I was asking everyone on Twitter if they knew of a program or a plugin that works similarly to the WordPress for Android 2.0 App available from Playstore which allows me to manage posting to and updating as many WordPress blogs as I need. Hours later, crickets. Grass growing. The sound of one hand clapping (against my forehead in frustration) since, unfortunately, Twitter doesn’t work the way Facebook does when it comes to volleying conversation. Not answering back seems to be the norm affectation for some kind of detached chic and cool (under the guise of “I’m working way too hard to answer… anything, ever.”) … 24 hours later, same crickets, a streetlight turns on and gently hums. Moths, attracted by the sudden light, flutter.

So the search is on. I looked for a “vertical (sub) menu” type plugin for Firefox. I figured I could keep all the open tabs from one blog opened up but silo’d downward in a column to make it easier and faster to find the page I was working on. With five or six blogs opened up for administration at once I often have a few to several pages opened up for each one: dashboard, page(s) being updated, preview pane(s)… and from the menu tabs they all look identical – especially when they’re all tabs opened from the same site, let alone various ones.

Tab Groups

tabgroups-menuI found a plugin called Tabgroups Menu 0.9.1 which provides a dropdown, which is both silo’d and segmented into groups (nice, right?) but not to my liking because I realized I needed something more graphical. After all the page distinctions are subtle when editing one tab, having the “saved” version opened in another, and previewing it elsewhere.

So I opted for two others. The first one looked very promising called Tab Popup. This one was the one I liked the look and feel of the most. Unfortunately the popup was limited to only one size so I couldn’t read any of the print on the page easily. Thus it would be hard to know which site’s admin panel I was looking at – the words at the top left with the URL in it weren’t easy enough to read – and though the plugin had lots of nifty resize options (percentages, pixels) none of them actually worked. Actually 2 choices did work – the default width & height of the preview (around 300-350 pixels wide), and the one that matched the size of Firefox’ current tab (so if you have 9 tabs open you get a postage stamp sized preview).

Tab Scope

1-tabscope-options-aFrustrated I disabled and removed the plugin and went for TabScope next. TabScope also has a lot of stated desirable options too (my personal settings are shown left), but they take a bit of tweaking because of a bit of an oddball popup format and way of interfacing with it. However, once I got it set up so I give myself a full second to hover (and thus “commit” to seeing the popup) and have changed the click options to zoom in on it or 1-tabscope-optionsclose the popup, it’s great.

Strictly speaking this is more of a productivity tool than an SEO Tool, but if you’re a working SEO (emphasis on being on the front line with the clients’ work) then productivity and SEO are inseparably interwoven.

Once Firefox’ tabs fill up the horizontal tabs (maximum of 9 tabs open) it defaults to sliding tabs with a right side dropdown menu with arrow. Hovering on those tabs does not show a preview. So to solve this problem I have to open a new Firefox window. This means I can have 2 to 3 blogs open (max 3 tabs each) in one Firefox window, and then have to open up more blogs in a second or a third windows’ tabs. Maybe not the greatest, but beats what I had before.

So, while I’m sure there must be other solutions out there to handle this, asking 1000 people on Twitter at once (as well as directly asking a few people I thought should have had a need for something like) this and waiting netted me zero replies. If you’re in the same boat of trying to get more done with limited personnel (aka just you) then I hope this helps you.

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