Want to Host an FLV Video From Youtube Directly on Your site? Do it with Firefox’ download Helper.

Want to Host an FLV Video From Youtube Directly on Your site? Do it with Firefox’ download Helper.

by Dave Curtis on 01/27/2013

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Singer/Songwriter Amber Lynn NicolHave you ever uploaded a video to Youtube and wanted to gain ad-revenue so you allow Youtube to place a commercial in front of it?

A lot of people do. But Youtube also adds commercials of its own if it determines something in the video may be copyrighted by someone else. Usually that’s going to be some background music (such as if you’re filming in a restaurant and music is playing on the radio). So now you embed the video on your site and … an obnoxious commercial from one of YOUR competitors! Ugh! That’s not so bad maybe, if it’s only on Youtube along with a billion other videos – but on your private business web site that’s the last thing you want to appear less professional!

So what’s the fix? One fix I use is to download my Youtube video using Firefox with the DownloadHelper plugin. Since I’ve already rendered my video in HD and uploaded them to Youtube, I don’t have to re-render them as .flv files because Youtube does this for me. Now all I have to do is FTP it up to a directory on my WordPress site (or any other hosting platform).

Here’s a sample of a video of a friend’s daughter (singer/songwriter Amber Lynn Nicol) I shot some of the scenes for a few years ago and uploaded to Youtube, downloaded the .flv and put on this page.

[flowplayer src=’http://www.workingseo.com/wp-content/uploads/videos/Amber_Nicol_opening_for_The_Red_Elvises_World_Tour_in_Gaines.flv’ width=430 height=240 splashend=show splash=’http://www.workingseo.com/wp-content/uploads/videos/amber-lynn-2011-gainesville.gif’]


Then I create a nice little .gif extension screenshot I want to represent my video (Not like in YouTube where you’re pretty much stuck with only 3 image frame selections to choose from!) and voila! No more commercials! The video is now actually ON my site – and no clicking out to see “related” videos or anything else.

That was in 2011. Here’s Amber Lynn Nicol today (This one is still on Youtube though). Coming along nicely. šŸ™‚


So what if you’re NOT using WordPress? You can still embed .FLVs to run by using any number of free server side engines including AnvSoft Web FLV Player Free. This article covers Word Press, but the method is the same. The flv is preferable to an mp4 or other larger file format that won’t run on a slower connection.

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