Why Rigid, Regimented, Anally Retentive SEO Doesn’t Win

by Dave Curtis on 02/24/2012

in Working SEO

The ArtistThere’s a set out there that needs to follow classical prescribed discipline in order to know how to function effectively. Discipline is how average and sub average people get past the malaise of mediocrity that is their doomed lot in life. Unfortunately the most disciplined people often leave good impressions simply because they emulate the expected look of success design from the cookie cutter mold so very well leaving an impression (a false impression) that is too good… they’re good looking fashion plates, true, but all you’ll ever get with them is unimaginative plain vanilla standard. The most standard car on the road won’t win the Indy or the Daytona. What wins is what breaks the mold in an intelligent way and for that to happen it has to be proven and the only way to prove it is to put it out on the track, let it go all out, and see what it can do.

The Scientist.Search Engine Optimization when done right has to follow certain rules but it also has to bend and make new rules based upon theories combining reasoning and complex concepts in ways they haven’t been combined before. With over 200 different factors in Google’s algorithm and (admittedly) over 1,000 factors in Bing’s algorithm the number of possible weighted in significance combinations of factors in SEO is staggering (imagine how many phone numbers can be made using just 10 digits – 3 for the area code and 7 for the actual number!). So putting on a suit and tie and getting a close cropped hair cut isn’t going to get you anything extra in SEO.

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