What Kind of SEO Service Does Your Web Site Need?

What Kind of SEO Service Does Your Web Site Need?

by Dave Curtis on 12/15/2011

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The Boutique SEO business owner (which includes all of the solo artist independent Search Engine Optimizers working on the web and many of the small SEO businesses employing only one or two associates from time to time) IS NOT the gentleman or lady social media all day Tweeter or Facebook marketing “brand” personality you’ve learned to love. The Boutique Sized SEO Business is run by a manager who’s multitasking through multiple windows in various web site optimization project schedules.

Your web site is underperforming and your site needs:

  • on site and on page optimization
  • off site back link development
  • brand recognition via regularly scheduled press releases
  • on-site news announcements
  • an email newsletter signup
  • an email marketing campaign
  • to be plugged into social media in more than one place
  • to have marketing videos (over 20 of them! they can be short, but you need a bunch),
  • marketing copywriting done to sell your products to people who do visit your site
  • to have tracking in place and someone who will handle analyzing your site
  • better conversions.

Whew! Did I mention this isn’t all?? Building the site and expanding it – updating it and creating new content to keep it growing so it’s always got something fresh for readers to come back to – it’s what makes a site work.

That said – you can easily see how anyone serious who is working alone or with one or two helpers even on one single client’s site has got precious little time for (gaak!!) things like writing an article like this one for posting on Facebook or Twitter, let alone hanging out and posting tons of links to tons of such articles every day all day long. A little investigation by a savvy webmaster reveals that the Tweet and post to Facebook all day socialites employ fairly decent sized full and part time staffs, often numbering in the double digits.

There are two types of Search Engine Optimization: Either you go with the bigger “We Do It All” highly visible SEO companies and you pay a lot (and over time this gets costly because they are usually managing it full time because you are left out of the loop unless you also ask that they teach you), or you put in the sweat equity under the SEO you hire who will direct you on how to perform your part of the ongoing work.

Which type of SEO client are you?

1) If You Can’t Take Direction, if You Procrastinate, if You Can’t Stick to a Schedule, Are Too Busy, or Lack Too Many Computer Skills:

I recommend that you take a hard close realistic look at yourself. In my experience over the past several years working with clients who need search engine optimization to make their business web sites attract more visitors and convert more visitors into customers the majority need to have the work done for them by someone else start to finish if they expect real lasting results and they should probably be prepared to pay out about $5000 or $6000 over a period of a few months for a small site of about 100 pages, and $500 plus per month thereafter for four or five hours of work per month with analytics and course corrections not including the creation, optimization and promotion of fresh content or any social media work. This is standard pricing based on time, effort and expertise.

Below is a sample Gantt Chart (linked to the article explaining in detail what this is) displayed to show that many tasks are being carried out simultaneously on any real SEO/Web Site Marketing project. Thus tasks which would normally be assigned to you or your staff if NOT finished on time would hold up the rest of the job. For example in the top half of the diagram below “WBS 1 Summary Element 1”  WBS 1.1 Activity A cannot be started until WBS 1.2 Activity B is also started – so if your SEO assigns you Activity B and you don’t start on time you (or your company employee[s] assigned the task) are holding up the job which delays the SEOs scheduled jobs in queue elsewhere and losing him money – which raises the cost of  your search engine optimization work. Similarly if you begin WBS 1.2 Activity B on time but do not complete the activity within an agreed to time limit you (or your staff) are delaying the start of WBS 1.3 Activity C which is a Finish to Start activity. Similarly, the 2nd half of the chart “WBS 2 Summary Element 2” contains a number of activities which may need to be carried out by some 3rd part subcontractor who would need to complete all activities by the end of “WBS 1 Summary Element 1” (top of chart around week 12) for the full concerted benefits of the SEO project to generate leads.

2) If You Have Motivated Intelligent Employees With an Extra Hour or Two a Day to Help Build Your Web Business:

If those employees (or yourself) are able to take direction, ask questions, and learn at a fast pace you’re on your way to growing your site into a never ending, always expanding, customer attracting and sales making branded web site where YOU get to play the Social Media Butterfly while your staff stays in the trenches providing ongoing quality support building the reputation of your products and services.

There are essentially two types of Search Engine Optimization: The first one you pay a lot and it all gets done for you. The second one you put in the sweat equity under the SEO you hire who will direct you how to perform your part of the work.”

BUT (but! but! but!!!) you have to be committed to staying on track AND FOCUSED! If your web site is selling rocket engines and you’re a rocket scientist you’ve got to remain in character as a rocket scientist and keep promoting rocket engines and start writing about hair replacement therapy and a new kind of diet candy bar that will revolutionize the diet candy bar world forever. … even IF you can eat those candy bars in space while growing your hair back – it’s NOT going to do anything for your mailing list or for your site if they expect to see news about rocket engines. So don’t lie to yourself. Do an honest appraisal or ASK for honest appraisals from people who know you well who are willing to tell you the truth. Tell them they’ll be saving you money if you tell the truth, which means there will be more money in it for them later if they do.

IF you and your employees can be counted on to stay on track, take direction, learn at a rapid pace and complete their part of the work on a regularly scheduled basis the job should take about 70% of the time and save about 25% of the initial fee – with the monthly analytics being performed by the trained employees – and very possibly with these same employees also doing the new content creation, uploading, new page / category creation and promotion as well for nothing since you’re paying them already.

The above chart is to more clearly demonstrate the importance of starting and completing project activities in a timely manner and why it is important that optimization jobs do not get drawn out and lag too long or too often or they will cost your business more money. Most SEO projects to not need to be so tightly scheduled that a Gantt Chart is required.

Above I’ve shown you a sample Gantt Chart (with a link through the image itself to an in-depth article about them) and even though this post is not about Gantt Charts I’m including a video below and a link where you can download an Excel template which will act as a Gantt chart. There is an official dedicated program by Microsoft called Microsoft Project for performing the most extremely involved projects (which calculates things like vacation and over-time pay rates, time off from the project for holidays etc)  but for most practical purposes the Excel spreadsheet version works well.

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