Switching from a Static to a Dynamic Site

Switching from a Static to a Dynamic Site

by Dave Curtis on 12/10/2011

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Several years ago I began Brooksville Computer’s web site for my new business down in Hernando Florida because I’d left NYC to help take care of Mom after my Dad died.  The site I built was static, but over time I began familiarizing myself with WordPress and started 3 or 4 blogs.

I’ll tell you right now based on my experiences, if I were to begin today with the technology available on the web at this very moment I wouldn’t have built the static site but would have gone with just one blog. If I’d had one well laid out static HTML site with separate category and product pages then converting it to a blog (along with all 301 redirects in the .htaccess file) would have been relatively straightforward and easy. I know this to be the case because I’ve converted client’s product sales web sites over to WordPress without a hitch, without a lost sale, and showing improved results, manageability and much improving the clients’ ability to control the sites themselves.

My nightmare is different. Using an export / import utility I exported all of my posts (pictures etc) from each of the three blogs and then imported them all into one blog. Now I’ve got this blog as a result – which requires major re-editing work, with nothing organized, no linear progression, and LOTS of things only half written, very little of if more than a first draft, and in some cases the pictures did not export / import correctly – which is the least of my difficulty.

But that’s ok – I’m dealing with a mess and I’ve got some time before I head back up to NYC (I hope Mom will stick around a while) and at least a little while to get this site polished and straightened out, and put together some good work now that I’ve figured out a workable plan.

So what I’m telling you based on experience is to have a site built for your business built upon the WordPress Engine. You’ll be able to backup the database easily every night automatically, export all the text/pages/categories/images and import the same somewhere else quite easily, safely and securely. But start fresh – and re-writing your existing HTML static site into WordPress can be done but should be done by a professional and won’t cost you that much money. The benefits of switching over though are huge and instant where you’ll have freedom to make changes you never had before and control over everything.



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