Facebook and YouTube

Facebook and YouTube

by Dave Curtis on 09/21/2011

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Facebook and YouTube

Getting it all together: SEO and the Videographer

Social Media – you’ve all heard of Twitter, and more than half of you use Facebook. These are what are known as social media web sites and there are thousands of them. For the sake of recognition and familiarity I’m only using these two in this example.

YouTube is owned by Google and YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. So as an SEO it was for me a no brainer that I also need to become an accomplished videographer (which includes sound and lighting expert) in order to do a better job at what I do.

Here’s a quick clip of one I did recently (without any scrolling marquis or anything in the least bit complicated except a secondary stereo microphone to give my client the best sound possible for her speech.)

Though the above video lacks the crystal clarity on YouTube it is shot in High Definition

(See the HD footage below)

What’s most important in video isn’t so much the clarity (though that’s nice) but the playability without delay on all devices including Smart Phones and other Mobile devices and crisp audio.

What’s important is what you have to say about what your topic is and if it’s a product or a service, yes, you’ll want it to be clear and crisp – but you’ll also want to have a strong, memorable and convincing message.

For these videos I needed three separate video cameras recording at the same time and had five separate microphones (3 mono, 2 stereo) recording sound to get a good mix during editing. The actual video is over 2 hours long and I didn’t use all of the footage from each camera, but redundancy is essential since equipment and power failures will happen – that has to be counted on, even if it’s only one connection that fails in one area only once during a shoot.

So what does this have to do with Facebook and Twitter? What does this have to do with Social Media and helping your site’s searchability? It has to do with association, valid and valuable information, and popularity. Indicators that point back to your site are valuable to Google in determining whether your site is valued by the general public. Facebook links clicked that turn into hits to your videos and that themselves contain links back to your web site that are clicked tell YouTube that your site is actively being visited and is valued by users on the web.

This translates to higher rankings overall in the search engine return pages so your site rises higher in the returns and comes closer to page one, number one in the returns. Much bigger mega-sized corporate businesses often reject and look down on social media site usage and ignore it at their peril. Smaller more flexible smart businesses embrace and use social media and YouTube both to help their social causes and to give their business sites (which they use to fund the work they do to help society) a boost.

Sometimes it’s necessary to do videos just as a public service, but that’s enough to convince people who need your products to come to you and not to go to your deaf, dumb and blind anonymous competitors.

Here’s another video to make that example clear:

So which came first? The chicken or the egg? These videos and research are for real – my client isn’t interested in making money from them, but in order to continue the work she loves money has to come to pay for it, and it has. So what if you’re not into helping society’s bigger problems but just have to pay your kids way through college? Does this mean you can’t benefit or find a way to use YouTube and social media to help your company’s Search Engine Optimization? Not at all. Give me a call and I’ll be happy to help. 30 minute free phone consultation: Call 917-521-4798 or 813-308-8614

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