You Built a Web Site to Make More Money

You Built a Web Site to Make More Money

by Dave Curtis on 04/30/2011

in Search Engine Optimization

That’s Right, I Said it, Make More Money From You Blog or Web Site!

I’m not talking about the hobbyist site or the save the whales or clean up the gulf social and environmental activist sites, I’m talking about the business sites. Whether you have a corner restaurant or an air conditioning and refrigeration site – your goal is (or should be) to make more people aware of your business and to influence them enough in the right ways to buy from you and not from somebody else on the first page of Google. That’s it. That’s your goal.
Once you have established that goal you need to determine what that’s going to cost to get it built and get it to the first page of the search engines. Those two things – getting it built and getting it to the first page of the search engines are permanently linked to one another.
Someone recently said to me that in order to get more clients I should “Be nice, educate them, and show proof”. Throughout my site I educate via authoritative study results conducted by major firms, lots of them. I’ve even started doing podcasts through BlogTalkRadio (even though that’s new for me, I’ve still started doing it). The proof is in my SEO demonstration video at the top right of every page. But in the end the thing people need most is clarity of purpose and a focused goal.
Most of the time I’m writing about the client’s needs, how what I do works to solve their problems, the various features of the type of full design and search engine optimization I do and how the whole package works to increase sales revenue for the businesses smart enough to take advantage of everything I do.
But see, I taught computer at the Hernando Computer Club for a few years and I was also a network technician for a business in NYC with over 3,000 computers and at I don’t know how many workers – and I have dozens of businesses and business owners I deal with now that I run my own company – and I have found that the vast majority of computer users simply lack even the most fundamental comprehension of anything to do with computers beyond a very few clicks in some very basic areas, whether that be in programs or on web sites, or anywhere else for that matter.
Education isn’t going to work. Being nice while talking about search engine optimization to people who aren’t educated enough about computers to know how to copy and paste or attach a photo to an email doesn’t work. Showing proof in any form serves no useful purpose because there’s no point of reference for the person viewing the video to grasp what they’re being shown. There simply is no point of reference. It’s all a blank. So I’m not going to do that here because I’ve tried it already and it doesn’t work.
So what does work? What works is SEO on your web site makes your site rise higher up in the search engine results. Many of your pages will rise right up to page one depending on what the person searching for types in. This gets you plenty of more visitors who then turn into customers. The more you know (about your products, about how to make a sale, about why people want them and why), the more content you can provide (photos, writing) then the cheaper your overall costs for search engine optimization will be.
Why is it that SEO will be more expensive if you don’t know how to be a good salesman? Because your site becomes your salesman and if you can’t sell, if all you do is sit on your stool and wait for people to bring things to the register then your web site won’t sell much. Your store is probably the only one of its kind in the area. On Google however, there are ten other web sites selling your products right there on the same page – and every single page after that has ten more! So it won’t be more expensive to perform the SEO, you just won’t be making as much money from it when it’s done as you should be.
Consider that. When you build a web site it’s to make more money. SEO isn’t cheap but neither was renting, leasing or buying your business property. Your web site, properly optimized, can easily make you more money than your physical store with all of its walk-in traffic.

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