High Conversion Keywords

High Conversion Keywords

by Dave Curtis on 03/30/2011

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Most people automatically think of keywords that produce a lot of sales as “high conversion” but there are other types of low hit count keywords that can make you a lot of money with a single sale. Take the terms Painite, Serendibite, Grandidierite, Jeremejevite, Majorite, Taaffeite and Benitoite for instance. These are ten of the rarest gemstones on earth and if you sold gemstones you might only make one or two sales a year from any of these. Jeremejevite is valued at over $2000.00 per carat though – so a search for this just once that caused a sale would definitely make keeping that keyword worth it. Then again there are Modular Cabin keywords I’ve mentioned on my Keyword Research – Drill Down & Expand page where a single sale can equal half a million dollars or more.

If you’ve read my previous post on selecting proper keywords then you’ll know I’ve recommended making changes to a page based on high-bounce rate keywords on that page. Google’s search engines know when a visitor hits the back button and starts looking at other search engine results, so you want a page to get as visitors to stay and take actions (even if those actions are as simple as having them visit another link in your site).

What you don’t want to do is change keywords without reason especially if your pages are new (less than a year or so) simply because you haven’t gotten any hits from them. This is particularly important when you’re including technical terms that most people wouldn’t know or use. You’ll want to leave these alone for several reason. The first reason is that Google started out as a search engine primarily for use by scholars searching for documents on the web. As such their algorithm’s core search programming was built around heavily weighting more sophisticated academic and scientific terms, and since this technology has already been built in Google has not removed it.

In general authority web sites typically contain many more expert terms and definitions than non-authority web sites. Thus Google also knows that the technical terms (even if nobody has yet found your site searching for these terms) are closely related to the rest of the keywords on your page and they are helping your other keywords to show higher in the returns.

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