Embedding any FLV to Play Directly From Your Site

by Dave Curtis on 02/01/2011 · 1 comment

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A lot of times I create a video and don’t want to upload it to YouTube. The fastest way to save a video I’ve edited is in the .flv format. There are other times that I find a great video on another site such as discover or how things work and I don’t want to put a link to the page, I want to embed some code to play the video from my own site. There is a way to do both and here it is:

First thing you’ll need is an FLV player. I found one on a Google site called “dewtub.swf” but as it’s a .SWF file I had to turn on NoScript to download it directly from the file URL. To save you that problem I’ve zipped the file and you can download it here if you want it now:  http://workingseo.com/swf/dewtube.zip

You can now unzip and upload that file to your own web site and put it wherever you want – root, folder, doesn’t matter – but you’re going to have to remember the full path when you set up any video to play so you can put it in the URL like this:


Install Firefox Add On Video DownloadHelper first

This video belongs to me and I placed it on a different site to show you that you don’t have to host the video (flv) on your own domain. But what if you don’t know exactly where the .flv is located? Well that’s where the plugin come in handy.

By holding your mouse JUST to the right of the 3 little balls & clicking, you'll see a menu pop out

By holding your mouse JUST to the right of the 3 little balls (there’s a tiny black triangle that’s kind of hard to see) & right clicking, you’ll see a menu pop out and you want to copy the URL. Alternatively you could download the flv and then upload it to your own site (that might happen if you have a video on YouTube that you uploaded and you want to embed it in your site this way).

Now all we need to do to embed the URL to the .flv into the code you have on your page so it will play through the dewtube.swf in an iFrame. Whatever size, height and width you make the iFrame is how it will display, so you may have to play around with it a bit to make it just right.

Here’s what I’m going to plug in:

<div><iframe name=”iFrame2″ width=”540″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.workingseo.com/swf/dewtube.swf?movie=http://www.espbotanicals.com/videos/sierra-club.flv&autostart=0″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″></iframe></div>

…and when I’m done (you plug it in in HTML mode) it looks like this:

In the case of the video above there is no first frame image showing (it’s black). In cases like that I create an html page with an image in it and a URL to the above iFrame. I then set the “autostart=0” to “autostart=1″ – so that it looks like this:

<div><iframe name=”iFrame2″ width=”540″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.workingseo.com/imageplace.html” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″></iframe></div>

That’s done in two parts – first the HTML with the image in it, uploaded to your site, and then the iFrame link embedded so they can click the picture.

That’s it! Now you can play .flv videos on your blog or site whether the .flv is hosted on your site or another one.

Good luck! 🙂

1 D.O. August 1, 2013 at 7:14 am

Finally a great, simple and clear article about embedding FLV videos!

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