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Working SEO – Small Business SEO

The business of Working SEO is to harness the power of the Internet as it matures, thus facilitating communication among all the peoples of the world, be it a Fortune 500 company, a small business, community organization or the individual; and all the while pushing the boundaries of information technology.

At the birth of a new millennium, mankind is faced with a new reality; an emerging global presence enhanced by the exponential growth of technology. Those who embrace this knowledge and anticipate its path will become the leaders of this new age; Free to forge new ground and apply time honored ideals to exciting new opportunities.

With nearly a decade of website development experience, and dozens of professional websites to my credit, I have been privy to witness the Internet mature. Well rounded in all areas of technology, I have experience in e-commerce, digital photography, video and sound editing, presswork, routers, servers, networking, and hardware. I bring a unique balance of technology, creativity, ability and experience to the table that has allowed me to be of particular value to organizations that desire a knowledgeable information technology professional for their decision making process.

Working SEO gives your company a better chance to take full advantage of new technology and get ahead.

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