They say don’t write for the search engines

They say don’t write for the search engines

by Dave Curtis on 12/25/2010

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Small Business SEO needs to stay focused!

Oddly enough, writing for the search engines is EXACTLY what you need to do and by that I don’t mean stuff keyphrases everywhere. The writing on your site has to focus as much as humanly possible on the topic(s) you require first page ranking for.

Take this site. As long as I keep my writing pretty tight and focus on “small business search engine optimization” and “search engine marketing blog” etc and have similar content throughout my site I’ll rank better. If I write articles about imaging a bootable thumb drive with the Ubuntu Linux distribution Jaunty Jalopy my chances of top page ranking may slip. @JoeHall (a programmer I follow on Twitter) just now gave me this link that he says is pretty cool for creating bootable linux live USB drives – you might want to check it out too.

That said, I’m not page one for small business search engine optimization or small business SEO – but then again I haven’t fully converted my old static web site over to this blog format yet – plus I’m not crazy about wasting my time re-explaining what SEO is by re-writing posts and pages that have already been re-written a thousand or even ten thousand times before.

Yesterday I spent all day locating enough computer parts to re-image my dying hard drive (special thanks to @PtahShadow <–dude knows his stuff! for the tip on downloading Hard Disk Sentinel) using some legacy programs I had (Drive Image to image the drive and then Drive Works to more and resize my partitions), but there are plenty of programs available out there, some of them free, that will do the same thing and probably easier than doing it the way I did via 3.25 inch floppy diskettes using Caldera DOS (even though they can see the NTFS file system the floppy situation today is a horror to deal with on newer computers that don’t have them).

So you see? I’ve JUST ignored the search engines and blown my opportunity to keep it totally focused on SEO. This article will likely not contribute much toward my first page ranking in Google or Bing, and may even serve to confuse them, but that’s ok. This is my blog, not your web site. My job is to get YOU first page ranking.

Hopefully you’ve gotten at least one good pointer from this post – even if it wasn’t about SEO, so what? If you have a small business and manage your own computers and something starts blue-screening on you – install that app above, run it, see what it says and call someone like me to fix it for you before it’s too late. 🙂

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